Most people have no problem reeling off a list of things they think they want – a $10,000 windfall, a new car, to find love, a dream holiday. But is that what you really want?

However, it’s not the actual THING they want, it’s the feeling that thing will give them. It often takes quite a bit of digging down to really uncover the truth behind what they long for. The sense of security, safety, connection, relaxation, peace etc.

When you question someone long enough – “why do you want that?” to each answer they give, they will eventually reach the point of discussing the true feelings they wish to have.

How would it be for you if you knew you could
have this feeling any time you chose?

I’m going to share with you how.

Once you have identified those feelings you have been longing for – the sense of love and connection, peace and security, belonging, know them to be your deepest wants and desires. Whatever it is for you, understand how different they are from needs.

‘Needing’ is something your mind determines based on your belief systems.  I need a new car may come from a place of desperation, and mind set of ‘how else will I manage without a set of wheels?” Your mind goes down many What IF story routes.

‘Desiring’ can be a deep heart and soul felt longing. Your heart and what it conveys is what The Universe is listening out for. It wants you to have the happiness and joy that arises when your soul longing is fulfilled. It is waiting to fuel your nourishment.

What does your heart long for?

Consider again your desires, and ensure you have uncovered their roots sufficiently as to identify what Quality of Spirit you are wishing to experience. Bring that feeling deep in your heart, reawaken to the longing you have, and own the feeling. Only by bringing it to the surface, and into your heart with awareness can it start to manifest.

It is wonderful to have wants, desires, dreams and possibilities.  We chose to come here to experience life through all the glorious six senses, and above all, how we feel. The Universe and your realms of Divine Support are waiting to co-create with you. They have been waiting for you to ask for your Soul fulfillment.

What is your Soul Fulfillment?

It is important you revisit that warm place in your heart and soul that holds this longing often. Feel already the joy you have by imagining you having what it is your desire.  Allow those feelings to saturate your physical, emotional and etheric bodies.

Once you really have revved up your engine on the Feel Good Factor, imagine those beams shining out from you like a lighthouse. Show the world your glow from having your Soul Desire met. Start becoming the inspiration for others to switch their own lights on. They are wondering what you have been up to! All it’s down to is living that soul feeling in the here and now. Often. Day dream. Feel it.  You are allowed.  I give you permission if you are challenged with giving it to yourself.

Use your imagination

Whilst wrapped up in this warm cocoon of love and light you have been longing for, revisit your initial thought of what it was you wanted. Re-establish the link between the feelings you have right now and that goal/desire you had set. Be really clear on the link between the two, and focus on the feelings it gives you.

Imagine you long for that new car. Ask yourself, ‘what is the quality of spirit or experience it provides for me?”

Is it pleasure, comfort, joy, exhilaration, security in a safe car- what is it? The Divine naturally support the quality that is true for you and your desire.  It may just be a matter of you naming it. Then you can bring the feeling sensation to life and anchor it in your heart.  When coming from a place of true heart’s desire and not just a short term egoic satisfaction, The Universe starts tuning in and aligning the delivery.

Let go of Outcome

Be aware of not being attached to outcome though. Or define your time line.  Your only job is to keep revisiting those feelings you long for inside, for that is what makes your Soul Sing.  And it’s those vibrations that are talking to the Providers. Be aware of any doubt or self-worth issues that may start creeping in through the mind.  They are not of the heart. Ask them to leave. They are not the truth, only a false projection based on your belief system.

So if you are ready to challenge your belief system in what you are able to create in your life, then you also need to be prepared to challenge those beliefs that creep in and doubt what is possible.

Just keep feeling those feelings in your heart, knowing your soul longing is being tended to, keep weeding out the subconscious beliefs that are telling you differently. Send gratitude in advance for the unfolding of what is coming, enjoy the feelings of excitement and watch what happens….

Does it really work?

If your little mind is questioning “why it would do all this because it can’t really work, can it?” Kind of stuff, then keep your little “I” quiet. Just know at least you felt a darn sight better imagining the joy, feeling the excitement, bringing in the love, which server you far better than listening to the same old stories your mind has been spinning you for the past few decades.

Really, what do you have to lose – only your soul fulfillment to gain. Isn’t that worth a shot? I think so.

If you are still looking to experience a more profound deeper soul level connection, then come for a Soul Connection session where we will reveal your soul challenges that may be holding you back from having all you desire in your life.