Would you open your wings, fly high and soar into
Infinite Possibilities if you knew you wouldn't fall?

The support to claim The Brilliance of You is right here

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It's time to give the gift of you to YOU -  to feel Divinely supported & joyous about the magical life that's unfolding for you right now -
you are so ready to fly...

28 Days to Radiant Living

 is the missing piece of your Life Jigsaw you have been craving to give you the
heart-felt confidence and joy to align with your Soul Purpose

The Brilliance of You

Here lies the doorway to connect you to the Resources, wisdom and healing to have peace in your heart, energy and excitement on what’s unfolding, and returning yourself to the love & support you never had.

Are you choosing to open the door and see what’s inside? 

 What really is possible when you get out of your own way?

It all awaits you on the other side, there is no going back fully to the Illusion of Separation once you enter…

Are you committed to Immerse into the
Bliss of your Life Blueprint?

I welcome you with open arms...           

Get ready to leave the 3D way of living and end the Human Struggle,
and start free-falling and flying high into the unknown realms of
Who You Really Are.

Dear Special Soul,

It’s Jo Muir here, and I applaud you for being here, reading this now, as you have a yearning in your heart and a knowing in your Soul that NOW is YOUR time. Yet you still have some doubts and fears in your mind that supposing you 'fail'? Supposing this isn't your calling after all?

I know how scary it can be to feel like you are doing everything on your own, wondering if indeed, The Universe really is there to support you. If felt like that for years, and now I am fully immersed in my Soul Purpose of sharing this work with you.

It is my mission for you to fully trust and be free of any self doubt by anchoring in ALL that your heart & soul  are really craving, so you can be free to finally fly high and soar, beyond your wildest imagination. 

  • Maybe you are on the precipice of fulfilling your life's ambitions, and creating your life with ease and flow you have dreamed of for years. Imagine feeling so utterly supported in all you do - so loved, seen, heard and understood, that everything was joyful.
  • Supposing you knew the secrets to give you and your inner child all the love you crave and the comfort that everything will be all right. That is all you really need. 
  • How would you feel if you could finally integrate all the spiritual and self-help healing and learning into your your life, to start LIVING it and LOVING it?
  • Are you ready to shine like never before with new gifts and abilities that are coming forward as you let go of controlling your life by your mind's thoughts and beliefs?
  • You are so ready to inspire and help others without the want or need of them, and long to know the secrets of giving up co-dependency traits once and for all.
  • Maybe your belly is still yearning for clarity around the exact path for you to take in this lifetime - feel into how different that would be if you already had all the bliss and joy within your heart already?
  • Your Journey is so much easier when you KNOW you are physically, emotionally and spiritually fueled and supported every step of the way with no sense of effort or exhaustion, or figuring out the How To's - divine inspiration seems to magically show up just as you need it.

All this is possible when you discover, embrace and embody ancient wisdom and divine resources that are waiting for you. Put down your 3D ways of human conditioning for fight or flight, and start exponentially co-creating to live your Soul passion and purpose.

Could the day to discover the HOW to all of this be today? Is you are looking for really be here? It's time to find the support to FLY into Truth  and  freedom.

The door way is here.
Are you ready to peek at the possibility?

You are so not alone in this Journey into your own Brilliance. We all have felt scared, lonely and unsure. Reflections of your original Soul Wound that keep playing out. 

If I can break through the barriers of Illusion, then so can you. My purpose is to inspire you to choose to do the same, and then light the path to living your own magical Blueprint.

Your Soul’s only mission is to return to the love from where it came, and lessons will repeat lifetime after lifetime until you receive the calling that enough is enough.

Is that now? Are you ready to drop your old baggage & beliefs and Immerse into the 5D and beyond way of living through Infinite Creation, Possibility and Love? It’s time to learn HOW to embody it for sustainable shifts and life transformation.

If you are ready to go beyond the Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Living, because you know that inside out by now, and itching for in-depth powerful transformation for mind, body and Spirit, then this is for you. To operate from a space of Divine Connection and grace with ease and flow, peace and joy, abundance and love.

I promise you, it is possible. I am living it, loving it, immersing in it. There is no place I would rather be than in the energy field of Infinite Creation, bringing this message to you, right now.

"No matter how long you have been on your Journey of healing and awakening, I am going to show you how to tap into resources you never knew existed to live a life you never thought possible for you."

What are these resources I’m talking about? They are Soul realms, Quantum Fields of energy, and other Universes waiting for you to tap into. However, if you are needing to know the HOW, then your mind is in the picture, wanting to understand how this will work.

You have spent all your life trying to figure out what life is about. In Your Mind. As Einstein said,
“A problem cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them”.

So if it’s your mind that creates the feelings of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and frustration in your life, do you think you mind, in its current state, is able to find a solution?

Please understand it is not your fault you have not yet found this “golden magic pill” to solve your problems. If you have read this far, then I know you know they don’t exist.

You have had decades of human conditioning programming to be self-reliant, self-sufficient, and to create the success you desire. You understand thoughts and feelings become things. All the possibilities you have ever dreamed of have been created from the limitations of your mind.

Is it time to shatter that illusion, go beyond your beliefs,
and deep dive into the Knowingness of your Soul?

That may sound scary. You have responsibilities and bills to pay after all. However, what would happen if you felt fully supported, by the seen and unseen, to know you cannot fall, if you free-fell off the cliff?

Would you do it?

Are you ready for your angels to pull the cord on your own wings, and help you glide blissfully into landing your True Self?

Jo's work has been instrumental in empowering me to step forward in my life with a whole new perspective and body knowing of my love source and who I truly am. It has been life changing to reconnect with my "universal self" in all aspects of my life; work, play, family and relationship. I feel at peace, powerful and able to be with present with all that comes my way, even in the tricky and challenging times. Jo is highly skilled, perceptive and knowledgeable. Her work is a great way to facilitate the change you seek.
         Trina Bailey 

I’m here to pull that cord with your Angels...

To help you turn the handle on the doorway to new beginnings.  You will...

  • Find a peace and serenity in your heart, and freedom from your mind, whenever you choose, no matter what chaos of life is going on around you
  • Step back into your confidence that anything is possible when you get out of your own way, and radiate that to others, with vibrant energy, excited about what's unfolding
  • Have heart-felt relief when you can let go of having to figure it all out on your own
  • Let go of your co-dependency and judgement, most of all, about yourself
  • Discover the path that can return you to self-love and how it shows up in your life
  • Own the Powerful Person you really are, and have the tools, know-how and confidence to get out of your own way and into the zone of Inspiration, Connection and Bliss
  • Find the freedom in your heart to express who you really are – the beautiful, powerful goddess ready to experience life in all its glory – with joy, freedom, connection, abundance, and love. Bring it on!

Are you ready to reveal the Brilliance of You and discover how you can shine like never before? 

Here's what Monika had to say about the 28 Days to Radiant Living :

Before I share how you can claim your brilliance, here's a little more about myself, and how I can help you.

I’m Jo Muir – the Soul Visionary, and I love helping women like you to discover Who You Really Are, embodying the "Zone of Bliss" and opening you up to infinite possibilities in your life 24/7.

I help you to understand and experience your Truth through Chaldean Numerology, Quantum Soul energy transformation and ancient wisdom. My clients get clarity about their Soul gifts and wounds that lie behind their life challenges, experience healing at a core energy level, and start living without limits.

However, it took more than four decades for me to get clear on what my true purpose was in this lifetime.
I did years and years of courses, training and healing to try to make me ‘good enough’ to start living the life I craved. It was only when I came across Soul Mastery work, and embraced the power of my Universal Self, the All of Me, the major turning point of my life came. I knew I had to share this work with others.

You see, I felt broken, alone, and unable to face the pain of an abusive, traumatic childhood, and the years that followed. I didn’t realise that what I needed and craved was to return those parts of me that were so wounded and hurt to love. Once I was able to love myself fully, then I could to share this love, energy and inspiration with others - and so this work was birthed.

By truly immersing in my Truth, and out of the Illusion of Separation that us, as humans, are so conditioned to believe, could I actually start experiencing the bliss and joy I had only read about.

More importantly, I found the tools and wisdom to allow for sustainable change in my vibration, or consciousness, so that now, the lower energy emotions no longer trigger me. 

There is nothing more liberating. This is the freedom we crave. This is the life most of us truly desire.

My continuing Journey allows me to experience life each and every day from a place of joy and acceptance, no matter what is going on around me, or circumstances I may be in.

My deepest desire is to inspire you to choose this life for yourself too. Start tapping into all support, connection and happiness you never really had.

It’s time to fall in love with your life, and Who You Really Are.

Each day, more magic unfolds, more ideas flow, the high-vibes continue to rise, opportunities keep appearing, and how I feel about my life is way beyond anything I could have ever conceived.

I had only ever had fleeting glimpses of experiencing the pinnacle of joy – and now, it really is an everyday state that I immerse in, and am so grateful for. I am happy to be ME. Something I never thought I would hear myself say. I am experiencing quantum leaps in my frequency, it is amazing.

Above all, I am here to help as many people as I can to transform their lives, without having to go through any more pain, trauma and separation. I so dearly wish for you to experience the Brilliance of You too.

           Are you open to receive the gift of you?       


The Brilliance of You

A course with daily audios & pdf’s delivered to your inbox to share the wisdom, healing and Quantum Soul Activations for the path to your Radiant Life.

Designed to give you full access to all your inner resources, so you can finally start shiningThe Star That You Are

Jo is compassionate. I recently have had a few days where I have been feeling some changes and emotions around shifts happening in my life. Jo offered me some wise words and reached out with her heart to me. She is insightful. She sees the amazing potential in people which is probably one of the reasons we connect so well as I coach I see the same. So there is my shout-out Jo you are a wonderful coach, soul reader, intuitive and friend
and I hope more people take the time to soak up your deliciousness and reach out and get to know you.
Thank you for bringing your light to the world.
Kimberly Manning 
 Life Coaching

You deserve to reclaim your birthright to long-lasting happiness, joy, freedom, connection and love.

Are YOU ready?

            Here's how the Brilliance of You emerges through             28 Days to Radiant Living...

Each day, you receive recordings delivered direct to your inbox, to listen at your own convenience. We work through a different focus every few days, to allow time for integration and shift.

You will receive a 7-10 minute audio recording to help change your perception and experience of life. It contains with powerful wisdom designed to expand your awareness and challenge your beliefs that may not be serving you.

You will also receive a powerful Quantum Soul Activation of 15-20 minutes every day to facilitate the clearing and re-connection to all the high vibrational feelings and resources you could ever desire.

Understand how to anchor these feelings in and to know how to access them at any time, especially when if stress starts to rise.

Each day, I will also send a PDF with bullet points of the day’s topic and suggested homework for you to action each day, if you are wishing to fast track your change.

Your time investment each day is up to you – allow 20-30 minutes each day the first time you do the course, you may always revisit and just do the Activations as a morning practice at a later time. Homework is more about awareness and considering your ways of Being, so need not weigh heavily on your daily To Do list.

We will also have three 60-90 minute Live-streams where we gather online for the LIVE course, or recordings if you decide to go Digital. Replays will be available on the day of calls for the Live version. 

PLUS - For those who are drawn to the Live Version of The Brilliance Of You, also receive......

30 minutes 1-1 with me for your own
personal  reading, worth $125! 

I asked the women who completed the course in October if they would recommend the course - the snapshot says everything - Do it!!

Rebecca Gibson

I hugely recommend the investment in this course for yourself. The best program I have done to break through my blocks both personally and with my business. I stopped most of my self sabotaging behaviours, stepped more into self love and boundaries and let go of my belief systems keeping me hidden in the disguise of a perfectionist. I have far greater clarity of my role in this consciousness and the legacy I am to leave behind Thank you so much Jo. As you know I am a repeat client

Here's what Carrol had to say about the 28 Days to Radiant Living :



First Livestream:  Sun 3 March 2019 9.30am-11am AEST 

For the USA: Sat 2 March 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

Intro call and Intention Setting (day 1 Course material)

Second Livestream:  Sun 17 March  9.30-10.30am AEST 

For the USA: Sat 16 March  4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

           Q & A, hot seats for healing (in addition to course material for that day)

Third Livestream: ​Sun 31 March   9.30 - 11am AEST

For the USA: Sat 30 March 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

Integration check in, Q&A (in addition to course material for that day)

Day one of the course will start with a live call with me,
and in 60-90 minutes you will receive...

  • Full clarity on what's about to unfold, for you to feel the excitement and possibility of your Brilliance. Setting intentions so you make your commitment to this Transformational Journey. 
  • An opportunity to ask any questions around your expectations.
  • This is day 1 of the course, and will be sent after the call as part of the course for those who can’t make it.
  • Half way through the course, we will have a live Q & A session, with hot seats for those needing just a  little more energetic clearing, and personally assist your transformation
  • The third call will be towards the end of the 28 days, before the full Integration of all you have called in and connected with. Time for Q & A allowed.
  • You will only receive the 28 days emails once, and yours to keep for easy reference next time you chose to redo the course. Listen at a time that suits you each day.
  • For those doing the Live version, you will be able to book your complementary Akashic Record reading with me during the 28 Days. Is it time YOU found out who your real Soul Families were? What you are really here for in this lifetime, your gifts of spirit AND your challenges? All will be revealed in 30 minutes with me. 

Here are some of the topics will we cover:

The resources that are waiting for you to access and utilise to co-create magic in your life

How your Soul wounds are the underlying cause for most of your sabotage patterns and life-long challenges - and experiencing the shifts within the Quantum healing work

Understand what causes your separation from love, and how to return to self-love

Relationship dynamics and how to end your co-dependency traits once and for all

Awaken your inner creative with joy, whilst bringing in productive, focused energy

Letting go of your mind's requirement for control over your life and determine Who you really want driving your life, to find true freedom AND security

Shattering your notion of time and how to bring what you desire into the now

Embodying and integrating your Higher Self with your current life to radically alter your perception, experience and outcomes - by simply getting out of your own way

What's unique about the 28 Day program  with Jo?

The course timing is designed to harness to power of  the moon flow  when setting your intentions. The ebb and flow of energy of the moon weaves its way through the course content and focus.

Every few days, we focus on one of Soul families, so you understand the gifts of spirit they bring forward. The Quantum Soul Activation triggers  assistance for your life and growth in awareness.

Integrating the power and energy of numbers through the course means you can grasp the insight that Chaldean numerology brings to the 28 day cycle

Bring in your lifetimes of wisdom and experience, 12 years of business acumen and personal transformational work means I can show you how to finally merge your spiritual and daily lives. Start living from the embodiment of all aspects of you, and create your dream life. 

I facilitate multi-dimensional healing, transmissions and light language from different dimensions, and help you embody them into your vibration for sustainable shifts out of lower energy vibes.  

You will be armed with practical, instantaneous tools to make the conscious choice in any moment you are present, and we build your spiritual muscle to create new habits around this

The image shows the high vibe feelings you will have once the course is completed.

The joy of it is, you can repeat the course as often as you like – it’s there to support you. Maybe you feel called to re-listen as your reset your energy frequency and allow for healing at a higher vibrational place.

At the end of the day, aren't these feelings all your heart and Soul are really yearning for? Shatter the illusion they will come to when you be, do or have something.

Feel them NOW.

This program to claim the Brilliance of You is a stand-alone course you can complete at any time, preferably starting the day before New Moon each month. This way you harness the extra cosmic support to help you bring your intentions to life.

However, you don't have to go this alone. You have the option of doing the Live Version with me!!
Join together with other like-spirited women also ready for a life transformation and share the journey with them...

"The Brilliance of You" 

Facebook Group

This will be a secret group with lifetime access for people who have purchased the Live Version, and love the idea of a supportive community and daily access to me for additional growth and awareness. All the participants rated this as a key part of the program for the additional support. 

I add extra thoughts and ideas throughout the month, and it’s open for you to share your thoughts, feelings, celebrations and frustrations. As the conversations emerge, additional material, clearing and Activations may be beneficial, and I will share them here.

When you enrol for The Brilliance of You LIVE,
you receive:

You will receive ALL of this!

  • 28 Days of Guidance audio, around 7-10 minutes each
  • 28 Days of Quantum Soul Activations 15-20 mins each – powerful transmissions for clearing your energetic patterns and reconnecting to the Divine Resources
  • 3 Livestreams throughout the Course 
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook Group where you share your Journey and experiences with other like-spirited Souls.
  • Access to Jo on a daily basis through the group, and privately if urgent, where more thoughts and wisdom, videos and inspiration, will be shared each day.
  • 30 minute 1-1 session with Jo for your personal reading - find out who your real Soul Families are.
  •  Ability to repeat the course any month you choose, for as long as I run it (with a requirement for a 1-1 with Jo during this time)
  • MP3 recordings of all sessions for future reference
  • Bonus morning and evening meditations
  • Exclusive access to VIP Days with Jo down the track

N.B. the Digital version does NOT include FB group, access to Jo or live calls - you will receive previous recordings

PLUS, to extend your experience of your daily Journeys and Activations,
when you say yes to The Brilliance of You 

Bonus 1 - Morning meditation $47 value

A perfect daily top up during or after the course to keep you connected to the Divine fields you have experienced. Embodying and utilising these energies and connections are the secret to Radiant Living

Daily intentions of experiencing life through magical co-creation can make the world of difference to remind yourself what you are really here to experience in this lifetime.

Start your day in the Connected Way to bring a smile to your heart, and knowing you are creating another fantastic day for yourself right now

Bonus 2 - Evening meditation $47 value

A wonderful wind-down at the end of the day, where you offload your day, reset and find your peaceful place before you sleep for the night. With reminders for gratitude, and intentions for the following day.

End your day with serenity, trusting everything is perfect, and reminding yourself how blessed you are to have such an amazing life. 

Bonus 3 - Exclusive Access to my VIP Days

I will be running for small numbers of women at locations around Australia (and then the world!) This is the ultimate in-depth, personal recode for your life, including Light Surgery on any physical challenge, removal of the thorns from your Soul Wounds, and inter-dimensional light language healings and messages for your Soul.

I am planning a few more surprises along the way too –as I feel into the Collective, I am sure more will want to come forward to share with you.

Jo has a very special gift and I would recommend her to anyone looking for deeper, more spiritual understanding regarding those forces that often act as invisible, yet inexorable currents in our lives, as well as a tool for personal growth. I have already recommended her to many of my friends, and will continue to do so!

   R.A. Ballestrin
Seriously WOW!!! Jo Muir is totally amazing and very gifted. This beautiful soul has left me feeling at peace, loved and safe. I also feel connected on a very deep level and I am in a state of joy and bliss. I have a new understanding of trust and my creativity and connections are stronger this is a very welcomed blessing.
   Tammie Sharp

It's a matter of time before this course will be $1997 or more!

To celebrate the success of The Brilliance of You, you have a choice on how you wish to invest in this life changing course....

What is it worth to you to receive ancient wisdom for mindset and belief shifts, proven tools and Quantum Soul Activations to clear the energy patterns holding you back, and allowing the heart-felt reconnections to multiple Divine Resources that can change your life?

I wish someone had handed me the last few pieces of my puzzle 10 or 20 years ago, to  save me the  heartache, struggle and time trying to figure it out through years of healing and courses!!

When you understand that there is nothing more important than how you feel, this investment is priceless to shift your life experience on a daily basis.


For some, you prefer a stand alone course you can work through on your own and in your own time. To serve you best, I am pleased to offer a Digital Version of the pre-recorded course for only AU$495.
This includes all 28 days material - recordings of the live calls made in August 2016 (and subsequent updated versions), each day's wisdom, Activations and pdfs. It does not include access to me or the Facebook group.


For others, you really value access to the course Creator - me! and to be part of a collective of like-spirited women to savour and share the Journey with. If you chose the live version, you will get access to all daily wisdom, Activations and PDF's - plus three LIVE stream calls with me, where you can ask as many questions as you like. These calls will be recorded and made available on the same day - and you can of course send questions in advance. 
You also get daily support from me through our secret Facebook group, a beautiful space to share the journey, so you feel you are being supported each and every day as you transition and transform.

You will have access to my scheduler to lock in your 90 minutes 1-1 time with me, for your personal Akashic Record reading and healing. Whilst not necessary to complete the course, it will make much more sense and you will feel the resonance more strongly when you know WHY you relate to the content on a particular day. For those who have already had a reading, we can use the time to meet you where you are at, in a way to best assist you. 

If at any time during that 28 days you feel stuck, confused or overwhelmed - you will have direct access to my private email address or messenger, and we can spend a few minutes shifting what ever is required for you. It's like have your own personal coach, healer and transformation agent on tap for 28 days. What could you shift if you knew you had this level of support??

The live version of 28 Days to Radiant Living is only AU$1595

   Yes Jo, I am so ready for this, it sounds like the         wisdom and healing you will share is like none other.        
To finally have ways for a clear path to possibilities
 sounds just what I have been looking for, for years!

I feel lighter and more connected than ever before which is definitely an intention I had set for myself at the beginning of this course. I love that I had an Akashic reading from you Jo at the beginning of the course and found out my Soul realms I belong to are Hadar and Mintaka and Parallel universes, because when It came time to learn about those in the course I definitely felt a greater connection to them. I love that I now know how to call upon the light of Hadar or Mintaka anytime I need now.
Also I especially loved listening to all the light language transmissions.
They always made me feel awesome afterwards xx Thank you Jo

   Candace Allum, Perth 

Perhaps you still have a few questions about the course, so here are some answers to frequently asked questions when people are deciding to work with me:

Question: I have done years of healing and different courses. Not much seems to make a difference to my daily life. Why is your work different?

I'm about providing sustainable, practical ways for you to embody the healing and wisdom at a Soul level, including DNA re-programming so you can FEEL the difference in an instant. 

Question: I don’t think I can justify this kind of investment right now, money is tight.

If you are continuing to live a life from fear, anxiety, exhaustion, struggle and feeling lost, can you create a solution from this state of mind? Your choice to remain a victim of your own mind.  Ask and feel what your heart longs for. What is it costing you and your family NOT to shift?? Consider whether money is really the objection. Only you know if you, your happiness and your relationships are worth it.

You could always get the digital version now, and upgrade at a later stage to the Live version - though I cannot guarantee availability or price.

Question: I am new to this kind of work, and to be honest it feels a bit too ‘out there’ for me. Should I wait until I have a better spiritual understanding?

Then you have found this at the perfect time! If it saves you years trying to bridge the gap between spiritual work and daily reality, as it did me, then it’s worth it. I explain the concepts each day in an easy to grasp manner - just come with an open mind, and commitment to building your spiritual muscle.

So whether you are starting out on your Journey, or feel close to being an Enlightened Guru, the healing work shifts your vibration at the level your Soul is ready to receive.
Re-listen as your Soul evolves to a new level of consciousness.

If you have any further questions, I offer a free 15 minute, no obligation chat to help you make the right decision for you.

I love how expansive I have become and how far I have come. I am also definitely more grounded, connected and clearer in my connections - less negative and less likely to react and more likely to act.
I have absolutely loved this process and can confidently say if you decide to go into a more advanced course further down the track I’m there. . I am so grateful I did this course and that you had so much practical stuff to share ..xxxx

Donna Morgan
Crystals & Essences

Are you finally ready to discover, own and step into

The Brilliance of You

You are so worth it. Your heart and Soul are crying out to be reunited with their home Soul families – can you imagine the homecoming you will receive when your heart
has all the peace, joy and love it has ever needed?

You only need to decide which package is right for you - to work on your own at your own pace - go Digital.
If you prefer the support of me and a community every step of the way for 28 days - choose Live Version.


  • 28 Days of digital content delivered directly to your inbox
    including all pre-recorded live calls, wisdom, Activations, and pdf's
  • Option to upgrade later is available


  • 28 Days of digital content delivered directly to your inbox including wisdom, Activations, and pdf's
  • Access to all live calls with Jo and recordings sent
  • Access to secret Facebook group and the community of like-spirited women doing the live version with you
  • 90 minutes 1-1 time with me to explore your own Akashic record reading and learn about YOUR Soul family groups
  • Direct access to me if urgent - I am here to support you in what ever way you need

Don't let money be the objection, be in touch for a plan that works for you

Join me for a program that could turn your life around!

You are so close to reclaiming the Brilliance of You – all aspects of Who You Are, as part of this glorious Universe and beyond. It all begins with connecting back at a Soul level, feeling the love and support to feel safe in co-creating life from a space of Infinite Possibilities.

If you are feeling called, then I encourage you to register today, for the next round of  of The Brilliance of You, and start living your life you truly desire and deserve.


Jo Muir - The Soul Visionary


You have a choice in this moment. To make a stand, and take the hand being offered to guide you through to getting your Spirit back in the driving seat of your life 24/7. Or you can wonder “what if….” and stay in you zone of comfort. There is no judgement from me, only you can commit to your own transformation to a new level of Being, no matter where you are at right now.


Once you start living through this new perspective, new Divine Connections and Quantum Soul Healings, there is no going back to your old vibration. Find the freedom and liberation from doing things with struggle and strife. This is your time to start embracing and loving your life, your Self.


You may feel like you have already done 101 courses, healing and teachings. However, I promise you I will take you on new Journeys that you have never had before, connecting into new frequencies and experiences beyond your wildest imagination. Allow yourself the joy of FEELING the love, light, strength, power, truth radiate through and from you. THAT is what Radiant Living is all about. I welcome you.

What does it mean, to be ready for Brilliance? 

You are ready for intense brightness, to shine your glow like never before, and to know how to keep your flame alive, no matter what

To step into your excellence and magnificence – claim the full glory of  Who You Really Are

To allow your exceptional Spiritual Intelligence to guide your life through possibility and experience, and use your mind to take the inspired action.

It time for your Higher Self to reclaim the driver’s seat of your life, and your mind can be a passenger again, a space for observation of wonder and awe at what is coming your way

You have heard your Calling. The beat of the Earth and your Heart are the same. It's time for you to rise up and respond, to reclaim your power, beauty and grace.