In my last article, I discussed the myths of Western or Modern Numerology. I showed the basis of its calculations are fundamentally flawed on many levels.  I introduced the far older system dating back 6,000 years called Chaldean Numerology. You discovered how the system evolved from understanding the vibrational resonance of numbers.  You may want to refresh on that article here. Here I outline what I reveal in your own unique Soul Purpose Blueprint.

Using a scientifically proven system for understanding your numbers can give you the complete road map for your life. The fastest path to creating success is to understand yourself fully and step into your strengths. There are many ways of using the numbers to highlight sign posts, road blocks and motorways on your journey of life.

When I analyse numbers, I look at the key core components that make up your Purpose and Potential Blueprint. There are other ways of interpreting the numbers for a more in depth look at your path. However, I like to focus on what makes you Who You Are.  I  don’t focus on the highs and lows that can be mapped out through Pinnacles and Challenges.

Insights when you receive your own Soul Purpose Blueprint.

The  first number I consider is your Destiny, or Life Path. This is calculated on your date of birth, and remains constant for your life – a fixed characteristic. It reveals the nature of your thinking process and the fields of knowledge and endeavours that your thinking will lead you to. It is related to your intellect, and drives the actions you will take, and what you chose to experience in this lifetime.

You may find, like most other people, that your birth date – which shows your Destiny – resonates for you more than your name analysis, as this never changes in your lifetime. It is very strongly linked to how you think about your life. When you follow your Life Path, it shows what you are able to achieve through the power of your mind.

In order to calculate it, add up the numbers of each component of your birthday. Then reduce to a single figure (unless your Birth Day number is a Master number of 11 or 22). Add up the three root numbers, to derive a final figure.  This again is brought down to a single digit, unless it is a compound number (more later)


e.g. 21 July 1990 = 2+1, 7, 1+9+9+0   = 3 +7+1 (1+9=1) = 11/2


In this example, the final number is left as the master number. Someone with this birth date has very strong leadership aspects of a 1 as well as the more harmonious aspect of a 2.

What are the core characteristics of a Chaldean numerology report?

The following are your core characteristics based on your name. They will change with a legal change name over a period of 9 years until the new energies of your revised name are established. All of these are included in your Soul Purpose Blueprint.

Your Purpose or Expression number – is based on your full birth name. It reveals “your calling”, the way you are to express yourself in the world. It reflects the orientation of your goals in this life time. This is based on your intuitive perspective, and is what your Higher Self wants you to be.

For those who chose to change their birth name, it indicates an unconscious desire to rebel against your birth Soul Purpose Blueprint and against the vibrational patterns that will unfold. You may feel a degree of dissatisfaction through your life , a sense of restlessness and unfulfilment. By being aware of what meaning lies behind your birth name, you are able to step into those vibrational patterns that serve you best. You can also bring in the new patterns of your new name (just as someone who takes a new married name would).

Internal drivers

Your Soul or Heart’s Desire – is based on the vowels in your name. A Y is regarded as a vowel for our calculations. It reflects your inner nature and desires, and reflects the way you feel in your environment. Understanding your heart’s desire shows you which environments you will best flourish in, and those you will shy away from.

If your heart’s desire is say, a 7, the number of knowledge seeker and a bit of a hermit, then being in a busy demanding household where it is hard to find solace will be challenging for you.

By knowing your numbers, you can realise how necessary it is to find time and a space for you to call your own. Allow your heart and soul to hear its own voice in the quietness that it needs.

External Drivers

Your Personality – is based on the consonants in your full birth name. It is your outward expression, or how others perceive you. By understanding your personality number, you can see you as others see you.

It is this number that helps indicate what style of clothes best suit you, what house or environment would satisfy you. It allows others to see the essence of You, and not merely judge on external appearances. Are you giving off the right first impression that best describes you?

What about the second half of your life?

Your Life Goal – is a combination of your purpose and life path by combining the figures for both. It is the integration of your intellect and intuition. This is the goal that people step into around mid-life. It unfolds as your Final Opportunity in the second half of your life.

This is hugely important for those over 30’s who are questioning their direction in life.  This may often come at a time for women after they have stepped out of their career to have children. You may be wondering if that calling is still right for you.

Your Life Goal reflects how far you have come in the first half of your life. It takes into account the lessons learnt, and what you chose to experience in your more mature years. By getting in tune with the new vibrations, you allow the unfolding of an exciting and fulfilled life, and create patterns of success. It’s a time to release the baggage of the past, and focus on bringing in the more refined experiences you wish to have.

As you become more conscious of your life journey, and in search for your own true meaning, looking for your true purpose is only one element of your character. This blueprint provides enlightenment to the other aspects of your personal programming and purpose that also need to be considered for the full picture.

Is it time you understood your own Soul Purpose Blueprint? Feel free to explore the options available to you so that you can start stepping into Who You Really Are. Your Universal Self website contains sessions, reports, 1-1 coaching and group work to really transform how you understand, accept and love yourself to the depths of your Soul.