Are You Longing To Feel
Unconditional Love, Support And Happiness?

Suppose you could have it at any time, no matter what?

If so, a Soul Reading Session explains and shows you how, so you FEEL it. For those who have already had an Akashic record reading with me, and are ready to dive deep and explore more, this is for you.

It’s time to finally understand The Truth Of Who You Are. Start loving and accepting yourself more fully. Have all the feelings of higher living any time you chose, without needing anyone else.  Begin enjoying  life with freedom and joy again.

90 minute Soul reading sessions are crammed with wisdom & insights. It’s time to release, heal and return Home. Start co-creating from your new place of power. Own and connect with Your True Self. Radiate love, light and joy, simply by being YOU.

Soul Reading Sessions Part One :

Along with a full analysis of your Soul Felt Solutions Reports, I use my intuitive guidance to help you understand your strengths and challenges, putting it into context for your life. This helps you:

  • To understand  why you do what you do, and why you keep repeating the biggest challenges
  • How to become more compassionate and loving towards yourself. Give up once and for all the struggle to be who you think you ‘should be’
  • How to turn your most burning issue around so you can feel immense relief and have clarity about the best way forward
  • New perspectives to change your outlook on life and all your relationships
  • Have immediate know how to change how you feel in 3 seconds or less

Most people are blown away with the accuracy of the reports and analysis. They have never received these insights and understanding about themselves.

The feeling of relief that someone finally understands you and that you are ‘not mad or crazy’ is huge. Now is the time to fully accept yourself for the beautiful person you are.

Part Two:

This is where I take you on a guided meditation to reconnect you with your Soul Essence. The experience is illuminating, unlike anything you have experienced before.

The Soul Reading Session enables you to:

  • Start feeling the love and light, warmth and healing, connection and joy in your heart and body. Know how to call this in, any time you chose
  • Quantum clearing of old belief systems and soul contracts – feel the physical release and relief to let them go
  • End the feeling of being lost and lonely once and for all. Find your Soul Home in your heart, whenever you want to feel surrounded with love, comfort and security
  • Immerse in unexplainable happiness, joy, peace and amazement around, taking the Feel Good Factor with you

Experiencing Your Soul Purpose Reading Session

soul reading sessionI come with you on this magical journey, seeing and feeling what you do, so I can gently assist you to find and reconnect to your Soul’s Home. I am Divinely guided in this process, and work with your Soul Family groups, Guides and Angels.

Your investment in your 90 min Soul Reading Session is US$495. This includes full written reports of your numerology and Soul families.

Reports and  recording of the session are sent to you afterwards.  Subsequent follow up sessions are also available.

I run Soul healing sessions in Beaumont, Adelaide. Otherwise we use my Zoom Room (online video platform).

Now is the time to listen to your intuition. Does a Soul Reading Session resonate for you?

Do you feel the longing to be reunited with your Soul Essence and Who You Truly Are?

I look forward to sharing this special time with you. Let me help you reconnect with Your Universal Self.

Please note the booking times are local to Adelaide, South Australia.
use this converter to find out your local time.
if there is not a slot to match your time zone, contact me to arrange a time to suit.