Are You Longing To Immerse In The Feeling Of Unconditional Love, Support And Joy?

Does Your Heart Yearn For a Connection So Deep And To Know You Never Have To Be Without It Again?

If so, a Soul Felt Connection Session will reconnect and anchor you back into Your Universal Self, The Truth Of Who You Are.

The initial session runs for 90 minutes. There is so much for you to absorb, understand and resonate with, as well as release, heal and start co-creation from your new place of power, ownership and connection with Your True Self.

Part One of The Soul Felt Connection Session:

Along with a full analysis of your Soul Felt Solutions Reports, I use my intuitive guidance to help you understand your strengths and challenges in line with what you are currently doing in your life. This helps you:

  • To understand your emotional patterning and why you do what you do
  • How to become more compassionate and loving towards yourself as you finally grasp what makes you tick, and how to give up once and for all the struggle to be who you think you ‘should be’
  • How to turn your most burning issue around so you can feel immense relief and have clarity about the best way forward
  • Reveal what is blocking you from creating the life you desire and disperse the belief systems and energetic patterning that is holding you back
  • Expose soul contracts you have relived through countless past lives that until you dissolve them, will come back to haunt time and again
  • Start using new ways of thinking and tools to assist you in your day to day life, with the focus on raising your vibration to feel bigger and better in every moment
  • Make the links between your numbers and soul groups to enhance your unique qualities and fully comprehend what you are here for in this lifetime from a physical, mental, emotional, Higher Self and Universal Self standpoint
  • Know what Divine Support to call in to support you in your day to day choices and personal evolvement so you can start co-creating with ease and flow and trust

Most people are blown away with the accuracy of the reports and analysis, having never before received these insights and understanding about themselves.

The feeling of relief that someone finally understands you, that you are ‘not mad or crazy’ and now is the time to fully accept yourself for the beautiful person you are.

Part Two of The Soul Felt Connection Session:

This is where I take you on a guided meditation to reconnect you with your Soul Essence. The experience is illuminating, unlike anything you have experienced before.

The session enables you to:

  • Know there is no right or wrong in this exercise, and you can trust whatever comes up for you is exactly what your soul wishes you to reconnect with at this time
  • Give up ‘not feeling good enough’ for this process. Simply a willingness to go exploring, relax and release with an open mind. I will assist you to find what your heart and soul has been longing for
  • Start feeling the love and light, warmth and healing, connection and joy in your heart and body, to radically shift your energy and outlook
  • Clear old belief systems and soul contracts held in your body which I see energetically, and you can feel the physical release and relief to let them go
  • Anchor this new found sense of connection and joy back into your heart and body, so that it is yours to call on at any time you chose
  • Reconnect to your Soul means Divine support, guidance and love are there for you to tap into and support you at all times
  • End the feeling of being lost and lonely once and for all, now you can tap into your Soul Home in your heart, whenever you want to feel surrounded with love, comfort and security
  • Be left, often speechless, with an unexplainable happiness, joy, peace and amazement around the journey, knowing you good you feel right in this moment

I come with you on this magical journey, seeing and feeling what you do, and can gently guide you as and when needed to the place you once called Home. I am Divinely guided in this process, working with your level of Being, along with your Soul Family groups, Guides and Angels.

Your investment in this magical experience is AU$300. This includes all three Soul Felt Solutions reports as well as the 90 minute session with me. You will receive a recording of the session so you can re-listen and explore the journey again at any time.

This is a heavily discounted price where you get the reports for free when you order them together as part of the Initial Session. It is an invaluable lifetime experience for a small investment of your time and money.

If you prefer to wait to get your reports first, have time to digest them, and order a Session at a later date, the investment will be AU$200. Buying them together saves you $27

Subsequent sessions and Visioning Breakthrough Sessions are also available.

Sessions are run either at Beaumont, Adelaide or via Zoom (I send a link for the meeting). Details are sent upon ordering, along with access to the appointment booking system. Slots fill up fast, and are available at various times to suit different time zones across the globe.

Now is the time to listen to your intuition and see if a Soul Felt Connection Session resonates for you. Do you feel the longing in your heart to finally be reunited with your Soul Essence and Who You Truly Are?

I look forward to sharing this special time with you, and helping you reconnect with Your Universal Self.