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I thought I would touch base and let you know how I have been going since our session. The change in me is remarkable and all of a sudden everything has fallen into place for me. I have now signed up to do a Life Coaching course – something I have been sitting on the fence about for ages. (I got tired of the splinters in my derriere!). I felt it was a great fit with my numerology. I found a provider with great credentials, applied and got through their selection process and had the correct amount of money for the required deposit – all within a few days. Amazing that it all fit together so neatly – like it was meant to be!

I am excited about this as it will give me the tools to be able to ignite others’ passions – as we discussed at my session, but also that I will be able to incorporate my Reiki and EFT too.

The anchoring of that symbol has been very powerful too, and I no longer feel alone, nor as afraid to speak and own my Truth. I am moving confidently in the direction of my dreams, and I credit our session fully with this amazing transformation in my outlook.

I look forward to booking a further session after the dust settles. Thank you so very much for all the recordings and literature that you sent on to me so promptly, it is changing my life.

Suzanne L, Adelaide


Jo’s work has been instrumental in empowering me to step forward in my life with a whole new perspective and body knowing of my love source and who I truly am. It has been life changing to reconnect with my “universal self” in all aspects of my life; work, play, family and relationship. I feel at peace, powerful and able to be with present with all that comes my way, even in the tricky and challenging times. Jo is highly skilled, perceptive and knowledgeable. Her work is a great way to facilitate the change you seek.

Trina Bailey, Trina Bailey Healing, Adelaide

I came to see Jo through a friend’s recommendation. Both my friend and her (normally highly skeptical!) brother had both had striking experiences with this lovely lady, and I admit, my curiosity was piqued. I already knew something about “Soul Family” traits and origins through discussions with my friend, as well as reading parts of Susann Taylor Shier’s book, ‘Soul Mastery;’ however, when I got to my appointment, the information Jo had ‘brought in’ about me and my origins felt so personally tailored, my previous reading wasn’t really necessary. All in all, the whole experience was kind of mind-blowing.

I was excited to hear Jo had been trained personally in accessing the Akashic Records by Susann Taylor Shier, as well as having Susann accessible in the States to double-check her ‘reads’ if need be, before delivering them to clients.  Jo’s preparation was amazing.  She had already worked out my numbers using an ancient, original form of numerology called ‘Chaldean Numerology’, as well as linking them with her Akashic Record insights on me.  She described how my numbers and soul origins impact my life now, and how I can use them best to manifest my life purpose, as well as how to deal with any relevant pitfalls.

All the information she gave me felt like they were from someone who had known me for years.  It was also particularly interesting to me how my soul origins have impacted me with regard to others I attract in my life, as well as soul contracts (both good and bad!) that may have been made eons ago.  The guided meditation at the end of the session helped enormously, clearing many of these, as well as being a truly incredible experience as my soul reconnected to the power of its old ‘homes’. When I left I was buzzing, and felt lighter than I have in years.

Jo has a very special gift and I would recommend her to anyone looking for deeper, more spiritual understanding regarding those forces that often act as invisible, yet inexorable currents in our lives, as well as a tool for personal growth. I have already recommended her to many of my friends, and will continue to do so!

A. Ballestrin, Adelaide

I just did a 30 minute session with Jo Muir and Oh. Em. Gee. This lady has a serious gift. She sees straight to the heart of the matter and gets right down to business (my type of gal) She’s so easy to connect to and with and she has this gorgeously warm and wise energy that you just want to roll around in all day long ha ha ha. The light language activation she channelled awakened a humongous sun within my heart and solar plexus spaces. Holy wow! I genuinely felt hot to touch.

We’re at 15 minutes or so after the session now, and I feel lighter, more connected. I no longer have any gut clenching feeling when I think about my ex or other less-than-pleasant things. I feel like that niggling feeling I had in the back of my brain that something wasn’t quite right, one puzzle piece was missing, that’s gone. I feel wholly connected and loved and am in a state of bliss (which bodes very well for my client this afternoon!)

UPDATE: I just finished a healing session with a client and woah baby! Energetic, uplifting and soul nourishing is the least I can say about this. This healing was one of the most incredible I’ve done to date and the only difference was my session with Jo this morning.

Thank you Jo and anyone who has even been slightly thinking about it, go book in now before she becomes rich and famous and has a waiting list 6 months long

Cas Hartley, QLD, Australia

Seriously WOW!!! Jo Muir is totally amazing and very gifted. I had a 30 minute session earlier today a condensed session of what she normally offers. This beautiful soul has left me feeling at peace, loved and safe. I also feel connected on a very deep level and I am in a state of joy and bliss. I have a new understanding of trust and my creativity and connections are stronger this is a very welcomed blessing.

Jo was very welcoming, easy to talk to, and explained things very clearly.

At the beginning of the activation I felt a warm energy encapsulate me as Jo spoke, I felt safe and secure, then colours started to swirl, as Jo continued to speak walking me through her process I felt releasing within my body some areas I was aware of, and knew that they needed healing so feeling these being lifted was incredible the energy pulsed through me relaxing me but also energizing me, Jo then led me through an light language activation my eyes moved very quickly under my closed eyelids and then the tears started to flow these weren’t sad tears these were tears of joy an inner knowing so deep was coming to the surface and affirmed I was in the right place at the right time it was a beautiful connection and very uplifting as well as inspiring.

If you have been considering working with Jo make it a plan to do so as soon as possible you won’t regret it. With so much love very blessed and grateful for this gift
Tammie Sharp, QLD

Jo’s work is amazing. An hour with her is worth more than hours of other work I’ve done and her clearings are very strong and stabilising and empowering.
Katarina Supicic
Jo has given me  a safe haven to be y wierdest and most vulnerable self to heal and grow. My sessions with her have been mind blowing and I understand so much more about who I am as both ego and and extension of source energy. Rebecca Cortes


Where do I start??? When it began I was also doing a 30 day Faster EFT course (which I have also had to pause) and the combined shifts from both were absolutely massive – to the point where I have suddenly got more rewarding work pouring through the door than ever IN MY LIFE before, I have grown so much confidence to stand in my power, and yet everything is flowing.
I think the biggest thing is that my understanding that everything EVERYTHING is perfect has shifted from a mental knowledge to a part of my cellular being. The highs on my roller coaster are astronomical now, and the lows are nowhere near as deep and dark as they have been in the past… and I am confident that this is a permanent change and will only continue to improve.
Also, my ability to observe my thoughts and feelings (as Eckhart Tolle talks about) is much more awakened than before – I have so much more awareness than I used to, and I am moving much further into a place of responsiveness rather than reactiveness (which is what I was praying for when I set my intentions for this course).

Michelle Marie Whitehead
I hugely recommend the investment in this course for yourself. The best program I have done to break through my blocks both personally and with my business. I stopped most of my self sabotaging behaviours, stepped more into self love and boundaries and let go of my belief systems keeping me hidden in the disguise of a perfectionist. I have far greater clarity of my role in this consciousness and the legacy I am to leave behind Thank you so much Jo. As you know I am a repeat client
Rebecca Gibson
I shifted a lot of stuck energy in all areas especially around self worth and self love. And I felt more ease with connecting into source and going into my heart space.
I feel lighter and more connected than ever before which is definitely an intention I had set for myself at the beginning of this course. I love that I had an akashic reading from you Jo at the beginning of the course and found out my soul realms I belong to are Hadar and Mintaka and parallell universes, because when It came time to learn about those in the course I definitely felt a greater connection to them. I love that I now know how to call upon the light of Hadar or Mintaka anytime I need now. Also I especially loved listening to all the light language transmissions. They always made me feel awesome afterwards xx Thank you Jo 🌟☄
Candace Allum, Perth
I love how expansive i have become and how far i have come. I am also definitely more grounded, connected and clearer in my connections – less negative and less likely to react and more likely to act ..Jo Muir I have absolutely loved this process and can confidently say if you decide to go into a more advanced course further down the track I’m there. . I am so grateful i did this course and that you had so much practical stuff to share ..xxxx
Donna Morgan