• Stand alone digital course of pre-recorded material, including recordings of previous livestreams.
  • You receive access to the page of all downloads
  • Ideal if you like to work on your own, at your own pace, with no support from Jo or FB community

PACKAGE B – LIVE COURSE      AU$69528 days to radiant living

  • 28 Days of wisdom, Activations and pdf’s delivered directly to your inbox, as well as access to the download page
  • 3 livestream calls at the beginning, middle and end of the Live Version – feel free to send in questions prior, and recordings will be made available within 24 hours.
  • Access to the secret Facebook group for the all the beautiful Souls attending the Live version. Here, we share our journey, have access to the daily recordings, as well as Jo’ s daily support to answer any questions you may have.This is invaluable for those who recognise how much more transformation can occur when you have people holding the space and available for direct support as you go on your Journey
  • 30 minutes 1-1 time with Jo, for your own Akashic Record reading, so you can finally discover who your Soul Families are, and why understanding them is fundamental to discovering your true gifts of spirit, as well as your challenges in this life time (RRP $125)
  • Access to Jo via email for any urgent matters you need assistance with, as you transverse this incredible path to your Brilliance

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Want To Know More About 28 Days?
I hugely recommend the investment in this course for yourself. The best program I have done to break through my blocks both personally and with my business. I stopped most of my self sabotaging behaviours, stepped more into self love and boundaries and let go of my belief systems keeping me hidden in the disguise of a perfectionist. I have far greater clarity of my role in this consciousness and the legacy I am to leave behind Thank you so much Jo. As you know I am a repeat client
Rebecca Gibson
I shifted a lot of stuck energy in all areas especially around self worth and self love. And I felt more ease with connecting into source and going into my heart space. I feel lighter and more connected than ever before which is definitely an intention I had set for myself at the beginning of this course. I love that I had an akashic reading from you Jo at the beginning of the course and found out my soul realms I belong to are Hadar and Mintaka and parallell universes, because when It came time to learn about those in the course I definitely felt a greater connection to them. I love that I now know how to call upon the light of Hadar or Mintaka anytime I need now. Also I especially loved listening to all the light language transmissions. They always made me feel awesome afterwards xx Thank you Jo img class=<img draggable=” />
Candace Allum