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Clarity Through Chaldean Reports & Session


60 minute Clarity Through Chaldean Session with Jo Muir to intuitively discuss your Purpose and Potential Blueprint

This includes the purchase of the Reports themselves, sent subsequently after the session

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ORDER CLARITY THROUGH CHALDEAN SESSION AND REPORT TODAY –  your personal guide to high vibrational numbers that make your unique Blueprint, held in your name and birthday.
Start to really understand your Purpose & Potential Blueprint that you came in with – how your intellect and Higher Self are here to fulfill their purpose in this lifetime.

Your Clarity Through Chaldean Session and Report will provide you with a road map for Who You Are, and the pit stops and blocks along the way.

Gain insight to your innate gifts and strengths, and practical tips and new ways of thinking to deal with the challenges that come from being your numbers.

Receive intuitive guidance on how best to play to your strengths, and ideas to inspire and motivate you to co-create a magical life.

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1 review for Clarity Through Chaldean Reports & Session

  1. Jo Muir

    . I received my personal numerology report from Jo this week. It was like reading my life story. It was both comforting and confronting in the absolute best of ways. Knowing that this is who I am and what I should be striving for to be completely on purpose and the challenges to watch for in my personality is invaluable. Knowing that twice in my numbers leadership and pioneering has occurred makes me feel slightly less unprepared to share my message and knowing that stubbornness and needing to be #1 are both integral parts of me and not things that need to be suppressed only tempered with compassion, flexibility and understanding.
    Jo has a gift. A precious gift that can touch every single person on this planet and help them to truly understand themselves and their pathway.
    Thank you Jo. Peeps need to book in with her ASAP.
    Cas Hartley QLD

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