Clarity Through Chaldean Report

//Clarity Through Chaldean Report

Clarity Through Chaldean Report


Your  Clarity Through Chaldean Report reveals your Purpose and Potential Blueprint as defined by your full names and date of birth.

Find out how your numbers can help you understand yourself better

Read the full version of how the Clarity through Chaldean report can help you here 


What You receive as part of your Purpose & Potential Blueprint

A pdf version of your Clarity Through Chaldean Report report is e-mailed to you which includes:

  • History of Chaldean numerology and how the numbers are calculated – so you can fully appreciate why this method of analysis is far more accurate than the western system used by 95% of numerology reports
  • A personally calculated chart showing how your numbers are formulated, and compares your numbers if you have changed your name
    This means you get a free report if you have more than one name
  • A full description of each of your 5 main numbers, and will include compound number and root number analysis where appropriate. This provides insight into your intellectual and intuitive aspects as to Who you Truly Are


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