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Akashic Record Reading


Your 30  minute Akashic Record Reading is to give you the insights into Who You Really Are. The Qualities of Spirit you long to experience. What lies behind your biggest life challenges. This reading gives you a brief, yet highly informative explanation insight into your Soul.

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Your 30  minute Akashic Record Reading gives insights into Who You Really Are. Discover what the Akashic energy field holds about your Soul. It covers across all time, space and realities. It sheds lights through all the past lives you played these wounds out, in search for real fulfilment in your heart and Soul.

Resonate with your Soul Families, for instant relief of feeling understood, and SEEN for the first time.

Find out how they define what your heart has been longing for all your life. Where your true source of Power lies. What are your real qualities of spirit longing to be expressed?

Discover your scars formed lifetimes ago stopping you from emerging as the biggest, most beautiful version of YOU. Your repeated challenges lifetime after lifetime – get to the core of the issue and understand why. It’s not your fault, it’s programmed in, and it’s time for you to release what is really holding you back.

Discover The Truth about YOU

It is time to discover the Truth about Who You Really Are.  The answers do not lie in your mind. They await you in Your Universal Self. The WHOLE of you, beyond your physical body, and even beyond your Higher Self. Liberation awaits when you can finally own the Big Picture. Step up into your true value  – your passion, purpose and potential.

It is time you were seen, heard and understood. BE yourself first, then radiate your Truth and Uniqueness to the world, as only you can.

NOTE:  Have your Akashic Record Reading available for FREE! When you do the Live Version of The Brilliance of You – 28 days transformational program.

Full reports on your Soul Realms are available to accompany your reading for $47. Alternatively, invest in a 90 minute Soul connection Session and all the reports are included. Find out this is for you.



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