90 min Soul Purpose Connection Session & Reports

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90 min Soul Purpose Connection Session & Reports


Your 90 min Soul Purpose Connection Session will give you the missing piece to your life puzzle – what you are really here for in this lifetime, that will give your heart and Soul the bliss it craves.

The deep dive into your Truth within the session includes:

  • Soul Felt Solutions Reports – Chaldean Numerology & Soul Families
  • 90 min session in person or through Zoom for a full intuitive analysis of your reports, covering both Chaldean Numerology and Soul Families
  • Plus a unique journey to reconnect with you to your Soul Group, and release the energetic patternings that have been stopping you finding the joy and love from within.

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Are You Ready To Understand The Truth Of Who You Really Are?

If so, a 90 min Soul Purpose Connection Session will reconnect and anchor you back into Your Universal Self, and the infinite possibilities that await you. Imagine living the life as defined by the Blueprint – that of love, joy, connection, freedom and abundance. You will have a taste of that bliss in this session.

90 min Soul Purpose Connection Session

The initial session is a deep dive into the Truth of Who You Really Are. There is so much for you to absorb, understand and resonate with. You will also as release, heal and start co-creation from your new place of power, ownership and connection with Your True Self.

I help you to understand yourself at an Intellectual and Higher Self level through Chaldean numerology. Then we delve into You Universal Self, the collective of You, with your Soul families.

It’s time for you to fully accept and love yourself just as you are, and find the heart felt compassion for the trauma you have experienced in this lifetime. Feel the relief of understanding this are your Soul Wounds crying out to be heard, accepted, and healed. The sense of bliss and freedom you feel during the Journey work is like nothing you have ever experienced.

You may have been searching for the missing piece of your life jigsaw. This could be like seeing the full picture on the front of the box. Finally put all the pieces together, where they belong. Where your heart and Soul belongs.

After the soul purpose connection session, I will send you an audio recording of our time together, as well as full written reports on your Chaldean numerology and Soul Families.

To read more about your  90 min Soul Purpose Connection Session & Reports, please visit this page