The truth about a change in direction in your life is shown in your personal numbers. When you know where to look, predicting a mid-life crisis can be simple.

Your Purpose and Potential Blueprint reveals a great deal about Who You Truly Are. The Ancient system of Chaldean Numerology I use dates back 6,000 years. The vibrational resonance of your name and date of birth can provide a road map to your life.

This map could look radically different to that provided by a Modern or Western Numerology reading, as discussed in my previous article. There are too many fundamental flaws in that system to validate the interpretations.  By following the Universal Laws and Mathematics through to analysing your name, it stands to reason the vibration of the numbers must be taken into consideration. The linear allocation that is found in the more modern systems ignores this factor of energy.

What direction?

So, if you know you have an accurate road map in front of you, are you a little bit curious if you are on the straight and narrow path throughout your life? Or perhaps there’s some forks in the road you need to be aware of. Can it help you in predicting a mid-life crisis?

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Imagine you are coming up to a junction on your journey of life. Part of you, usually run by your head, tries to convince you that you need to stick to the same path – the well-trodden one you know, and hopefully love.  This usually involves a familiar pattern of career, family, friends, and hobbies that keen you entertained.

Then, as you come into your thirties and forties, your heart starts to sing out, and question – ‘Is this all there is?” as the song goes.  The nagging feeling there is more to life.  You may start exploring new ideas and concepts. Start questioning your belief system, take up mediation to find some relief from the small voice of the saboteur in your mind.

A few months, even years, pass as the challenge to manage your head and heart together seems to add to your confusion and overwhelm in your life. You try to supress it, wanting to do the right thing. After all, look at all the responsibility you have – how on earth would everyone else manage if you made time for a MID-LIFE CRISIS?

Added to which, you really have no idea what you would do instead of your current role (as worker, boss, wife, mother, friend). Maybe it’s time to find the Real You underneath all that, and put those labels aside for a while, for they are not who you are.

What to do when a mid life crisis hits

I have good news. Within your Purpose and Potential Blueprint lies the codes which reveal what you came to do in this lifetime, and what can evolve in the second half your life.  Your Life Goal usually kicks in around then, and offers a chance for you to experience the more esoteric and finer goals in life. It gives you the permission you find hard to give yourself. Finally put your baggage down, learn the lessons of earlier life and start living your authentic self.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run off in the sunset with a tall, dark handsome stranger.  Though not saying you can’t either! It’s about getting clarity around how to bring in the new experiences in your life, with or without your current reality ‘being in the way’.

For example, supposing your life purpose was a 4. Your life is all about building great foundations and structures for others to build upon. You love creating the systems through lots of hard work and discipline. You are controlled and a great organizer, and love physical work.  Think of yourself as carpenter or builder.

Conflicting Life Path Numbers

Lo and behold, your life goal is a 5. The 5 represents freedom. The longing for change and escape.  How does a 4 suddenly deal with the whim to pack your bags and go off travelling? For you, it would be about creating structures and boundaries in which you can do both.

You can keep the day to day routines going, and have lots of fun planning and organising your holidays and activities in your down time. Finally start to have fun and take life less seriously, knowing you can buckle down again when you return.

A 5 brings in lots of activity – something the 4 can appreciate, who loves the hard work and keeping busy. All you are doing is changing the focus on what you are working on, and now it’s time for some fun as well as the day to day building.

This is the number determined from your birth name and date of birth. There could even be imprints of new energy if you changed your name later in life, and those energies too want to come in. You may find your married name means you also have a 7 in your life goal numbers.

So as part of finding freedom with your new energy of 5, it also means you can start looking more esoterically at your life to find higher wisdom and guidance. That of course can be done in conjunction with your 4 traits and 5 freedom.  It is all about finding the balance and making your life work for you.

How to discover your Life Path

If you are feeling stuck as to which direction to take, I encourage you to explore the Blueprint that can reveal this path for you. Through a Soul Felt Connection session, we can discuss ways to integrate beautifully all these elements you chose to experience before you came into this lifetime.

I promise you there is a way of allowing any mid-life crisis to wonderfully unfold into your experience, without the need of a lottery win to solve your problems. For money isn’t what your soul really wants, or what your Blueprint lays out for you. It is the experience that money may give you that you long for.

I can show you how to tap into those resources right now. Then, if you do win the lottery, you will know exactly how you want to feel and the experience you wish to have. Doesn’t that sound like more fun that trying to figure out the solutions in your exhausted mind?! It could be time for predicting a mid-life crisis.

For more wisdom on how to understand yourself more fully, and a free Activation to “love who you really are” – hope on over to Your Universal Self today and sign up