Soul Felt Solutions for your Personal Transformation

Helping you understand & reconnect to the Truth of Who You Really Are.
Experience Quantum personal transformation in all areas of your life.



Soul Felt Connection session


Understanding what lies behind your biggest challenges in life is hugely liberating.  Chaldean numerology shows your life path and purpose. Your Akashic record reading reveals which Soul families you belong to. You will also receive full written reports on your Soul and numerology readings sent after the session.

90 minutes will give you the insight and clarity on what makes you tick. Start using the practical & instant tools to sustainably shift how you feel. Discover the many aha moments on how to make your life easier, with more happiness and better relationships.

The Quantum Soul Activation starts to release the energetic patterns holding you back, and plugging you back into your innate power, wisdom and love.

Soul Readings


Soul Purpose Connection Session with Jo Muir


90 minutes healing session, to pinpoint and clear your what’s holding you back. I provide wisdom and guidance for shifting your perspective, so you can see clearly and feel confident about moving forward.

The magic happens during the Quantum Healing, where you may physically experience the release , and bring in the new feelings of love, freedom, peace and happiness. I show you how to anchor these in, for sustainable change in your life.

This session does not include full written reports on your Soul Realms or numerology.

Quantum Healing Session

Personal Transformation Coaching sessions


Expand the potential power of this personal transformation work when reconnected to your Soul Families and Quantum Fields. You may be ready to dive deep in bringing this magic into your co-creation in all aspects of your life. By committing to embracing the possibilities waiting for you, the energies can really ramp up to support your emergence into your fullest power.
Find out more how working with me can bring the practical wisdom, intuitive insights, and the Quantum shifts you are looking for across all areas of your life. Have the support and compassion you long for. Find out more by clicking the button below, and let’s chat to see if we are a fit.

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