How many times a day, or in a week, do you have a thought stuck in your head that really doesn’t serve you? You know it’s your mind giving you the same old story, usually reminding you of what happened in the past, or casting the shadow of doubt and fear of the “what if’s” of the future. You know the ones…. you would do anything to be able to shift your energy now.

It’s at times like these it may seems like any Divine Connection has gone on its tea break. Busy elsewhere. You are left listening to the mind chatter that is doing its best to keep you stuck and focused on trying to figure it out itself.  Then, the mind feels useful. The Ego gives itself a pat on the back, as being active in solving your problems.

However, you know full when what Albert Einstein said – “a problem cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness as that which created it”. In other words, we need to shift up a gear for the answers to appear. The best way of doing that is shifting our energy, and letting our minds go on the tea-break instead.

There is nothing more important that HOW YOU FEEL. Nothing.

So why are we not taught to be able to change how we feel in an instant? The collective conscious seems adamant it’s happy in the doom and gloom of the world.  That does not have to be YOUR choice.

I’d like to share some tools to help you do change the way you think and feel – things you can call on IN ANY MOMENT to shift.

Quick fixes:

  1. Take three deep breaths. Focus on nothing but your BREATH. Allow yourself the time to do this. If you can find time for a toilet break, you can find time for a YOU moment.  Better still, look into the bathroom mirror as you breathe and see the shift before your eyes. Your breath really is that powerful.
  2.  In the heat of the moment – maybe an argument with your partner, a stubborn toddler or young schoolie, or even your boss – take a breath, and become the OBSERVER. Is your need to be right that great you are not willing to let it go to simply move on and feel better? A nano-second can be all it takes to prevent something being said or done you may later regret for a long time to come.
  3. Ask yourself if you are being really PRESENT right now. Is your mind somewhere else other than right here, right now? For there is only ever this moment, and when we are truly in it, there is rarely anything that is affecting you. Try it now – in this moment, what can hurt or harm you? Surrender to the moment.
  4. What are you GRATEFUL for in your life? It is impossible to still feel anger and resentment in the same moment as being thankful for something. When your toddler is merrily painting your walls with marker pens, or putting the cat in the washing machine, take a breath, and a moment to appreciate them.
    I’m not saying it’s easy, though it makes the job of dealing with the issue far kinder on the heart of you and the child. Instead of the anger and feeling of lack of control over them, or even the temptation to smack them, take that breath, and let go in that very moment. Find thanks in your heart for having them in your life, for all the ups and downs.  You know you wouldn’t be without them.
  5. It actually only takes 15 seconds for you to start changing the chemical structure of your mind and body to start shifting your energy to a higher vibration, and feeling better. Think of something positive in your life. Something you are grateful for. Maybe the sun shining outside. You have a warm cuppa at hand. Hold that positive thought for 15 seconds.  If that is too much, I encourage you to practice until you can. Moments like that throughout the day can make the world of difference if you are feeling weak and bleak.

If you have a little longer …

You may find you have a little more time to dedicate to switching gears to shift your energy now, especially if it’s been going on for days, months or even years.  Then it’s about time you gave yourself some love and compassion, and know that you deserve more than anything else right now to start feeling better about yourself. However hard that may seem.

Allocate five – fifteen minutes for this, more if you have it. Know with all your heart that you WILL feel better afterwards, it’s Universal Law.

  1. Think of a really happy time in your life. Something that instantly brings a smile to your face, and warmth to your heart. Relive that time for a few minutes.  Really feel what it felt like – use all your senses.  What smells, tastes, sensations do you have? Let your body, mind and soul immerse in that for a moment. The longer you can experience it, the higher you will shift your vibration.
  2. Whilst in this warm state, reflect on some things in your life for which you are truly grateful. Big or small, just remember the Universe gives you more of what you think about and what makes you thankful.
  3. Now start thinking of what you wish to create in your life. Again, immerse in the feelings that achieving this goal will give to you. Let your imagination run wild. The longer and clearer the images, the better. Enjoy what’s unfolding in your imagination. Your mind can not distinguish between what has happened and what is yet to come. However, your feeling body will easily recreate the feelings you are having right now.
  4. Take as long as you would like for this exercise.  You may wish to journal throughout or after, draw pictures, or create a new project and make a vision board.
  5. Anchor this feeling in your heart, really feeling what it is to have all that you want to experience in your life – right now.  It is there for you to return to anytime you want, simply a matter of tuning in and revisiting this luscious feeling.

You can’t tell me that you don’t feel better after doing that. I am sure you will have shifted up a notch simply by reading about it, as you know the possibility of sensation you will get by doing it. It may be easier than you think to shift your energy now.

So there’s a few ideas for you to ponder.  Some or all of them you may know, just ask yourself how good you are at applying them.

It’s these sorts of tips I love sharing with my clients when I’m having a connection session with them. If you would like more tools that can help you make the changes you wish to experience in life, then feel free to make a time to get reconnected with Your Universal Self.

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