Did you ever get your numbers done and think, “Well, there are bits there that resonate, but really, that’s not me…” Chances are, you had a western numerology reading done. This article is going to shatter some centuries old myths to reveal the truth behind using numbers to guide you on your life journey.

First, let’s consider the history. The western, or modern system of numerology supposedly evolved based on the work of Pythagoras in 450BCE. However, this claim was made by one of Pythagoras’ students, who was not born until after Pythagoras died in 475BCE. This disciple created a system of numbers without the extensive knowledge Pythagoras held. None of Pythagoras’ writings around ‘mystery sciences’ survived when his school burned down by the residents of Crotona (south Italy). So there is no proof that the modern version of Numerology was either developed or sanctioned by Pythagoras.

This system uses the Latin pre-Roman Empire alphabet of that time of 22 letters. The alphabet did not expand to 26 letters until 100BCE, almost 400 years later. The system puts forth the use of incorrect formulas and equations that ignores the vibrational patterns of your Purpose and Potential Blueprint. It is based on the modern day system of linear numbers and alphabet, i.e. A-I = 1-9.


These additional letters of J, U, W, and Z were placed throughout the alphabet, thus distorting the number allocation to the letters. So how could the meaning of each word remained the same? This has never been questioned until recently. The frequency of the numbers has been dismissed, and massively distorted analysis comes as a result.

There is a huge discrepancy in the results – one that you need to know, and care about, when looking at your own numerology blueprint. You probably understand that everything is energy, and by dismissing the importance of resonance, you are basically reading the wrong map for your life, that has been programmed with an incorrect GPS.

So what are the alternatives to so called Western numerology? The Vedic science of numerology from India provides accurate interpretation of names – and only for those directly derived from Sanskrit/Tibetan/Hindi language grouping. It is not so useful for names derived from Aramean/Chaldean Sacred Alphabets, including English.

It is Chaldean Numerology – the ancient system from around 4000 BCE that unlocks the truth around the vibrational energy of our numbers and names. This is where your vibrational Blueprint resides and can provide the road map to your heart and soul life purpose.

It uses “sound-syllables” (sound frequencies/resonance) which creates the vibrational patterns and energies of our “names.” The power of the ancient alphabets did not come from the meaning or pronunciation of the words, it is from the energy generated from the sound syllables. These vibrational patterns are then translated into written form through the interpretation of the language of numbers.

Originally this was done intuitively, by the priest-scientists through learning, understanding and knowing. Later, with the evolvement of civilized communities, the learning could be passed down from Master to student each generation.

Everything in the Universe is named, numbered and influenced by mathematical equations. It must hold true the same theories need to be applied to understanding your own numbers.

Table 1: Chaldean Numerology Formula


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
J R L T N W    
Q   S   X      


Another fundamental flaw in the Western numerology system is that of the use of 9 for interpretation. Chaldean Numerology only assigns ‘eight’ root numbers to the sound syllables (letters) of their alphabet. The number nine was considered ‘sacred’ in and of itself. It was the symbol of the highest level of spiritual attainment, and its level of creative energy was higher than all other numbers. Therefore, it could never be assigned to a single letter of the alphabet (though it can be allocated to a name containing many letters). It contains the vibrational aspect of all other numbers.

The letter Y is always treated as a vowel under Chaldean numerology, and a W is always a consonant. As we are dealing with sound syllables and vibrational resonance, they cannot change their interpretation as implied under the Modern Numerology rules. That system implies a Y can be a consonant or a vowel depending on where it is in a name. This was proven through extensive studies on chart accuracy by William Mykian, who worked with phonetics (sound creation) as opposed to the linguistic(letters and structure) creators of the modern system.

There is also discrepancies between the two systems on how the formulas are calculated. In Modern numerology, the numbers of each name are added up, reduced to a single digit root number, and then those numbers are added together. Whilst the total will be the same as adding all the numbers together, it may lead to misinterpretation for master numbers and root numbers.

Up until recently, Modern numerologists have refused to acknowledge the existence of Chaldean numerology. This is either through ignorance or out of fear of having all their interpretive work to be shown as based on false calculations, and thus undermining all they have stood for.

This article seeks to clear up some myths about Modern numerology and expose the truth of numbers.  It is time that Chaldean Numerology came forth as the proper basis for calculating your road map for your life.

With proper interpretation, your own Purpose and Potential Blueprint can reveal the easiest paths for you to follow in life, bringing you closer the joy, happiness, freedom, love and abundance you are seeking.  It reveals the way you operate, at a heart, mind and spirit level, that though understanding, enables you to make better choices to create success, as well as the insights into personal and business arenas.

Maybe it’s time for you to start being guided by the true vibration of your name and date of birth. Uncover the map that vibrationally resonates with the truth of Who You Are.

To order your own Purpose and Potential Blueprint, or to find out more about what’s included, visit our Chaldean Reports page.

In the next article, we will look at the interpretation of numbers, and what these reveal about your True Self.