In today’s 4 minute  video, I share with you how to use muscle testing fingers – kinesiology, to find out a yes / no answer, to see how truthful something is for you.

it is important for you to be in your heart space when asking the question, and not your head. you can always get a yes on your fingers if you are wanting a yes as a response.
you body always tells the truth, it is only your mind that may lie to you… so as long as you can stay in your body when asking, this test can be used in all sorts of situations.

Once practiced with simple yes/no answers to questions you know the answer to – what is my name? is it JO? is it Charlie? you get the feel of the strength of your fingers.

then move on to practical options, like asking “what is good for my body to eat right now?” when deciding between a couple of options for dinner (or which wine your body would prefer right now!!) Once comfortable with that, you can start asking questions where the answer is open, or you need a percentage. All about practice, and staying in you heart.

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