Here’s an in depth look at Mintaka – Soul Realm of Light. Originally recorded as a FB live video for my group “Infinite Expansion” (still open for great content, just not active presently).

Learn about the qualities of Spirit Mintakans bring into this lifetime and beyond, as well as the challenges you face.

The link to the webinar I mention at the end of the recording –
7 days to Radiant Livingcan be found here

Mintakans are the only Soul Realm not to bring forward Soul Wounds for healing. That is not to say there are not difficulties being Mintakan! However, with your eternal quest to bring love and light to this world, keep being true to that in your heart. Let go of your requirement to expect every one else to see the world through your lens – they simply don’t!

Save your energy to inspire others by shining your own beacon of light brightly. Save your energy trying to turn other people’s lights on for them.

Most awakened Souls have spent time in 2,3, 4 different Soul Realms. It’s always great to understand your own unique combination of qualities of spirit of Mintaka along with your other Soul Realm qualities.

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