Mindset and heart alignment

We’ve been taught that when we need to focus on something, we have to get our head in the game, a one track mind, keep the eye on the prize. Whilst these statements may be useful, it only focuses on the mind and mental abilities.

What if you could bring your heart into play when creating with your mind? To get into the feeling space of what you are bringing to life, or learning. How you will feel once done, or what do you wish to experience while you are on the journey? Would it be easier with a sense of ease and flow, immersing in the joy of learning or creating?

Your mindset is so much easier to sustain when it’s fuelled from a limitless supply of love and connection with the heart. Willpower and motivation cannot be sustained, especially when stress and distraction kicks in.

Move from thinking to Knowing

Move out of thinking something is possible which is limited to your mind’s capacity and belief system.  Instead, feeling that it’s possible within your body gives you a sense of KNOWING. taking inspired action from a positive mindset and an uplift in your heart will create a far different experience and outcome.

So start by aligning your head with your heart.  Balancing inspiration with action, releasing brain fog and overwhelm into clarity, focus and productivity. Work in a zone of co-creation between your head and heart, for only there can your true purpose be fulfilled. It can never come from your mind alone. You are not your thoughts, you are so much more than just your mind. Sso why not tap into the all of you to gain power, momentum and impetus, to support your mindset and positivity.

Let’s do an activation for mindset and heart alignment.

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