This week I focus on Mercury Retrograde 2016, that is with us four times this year.
5-25 January (16/1 half way)
28 April – 22 May  (10/5 half way)
30 August – 22 September (11/8 half way)
19 December – 8 January 2017 (30/12 half way)

Rather than making it a reason to blame techy issues for going awry, use this time to your advantage.

The three weeks are a very mental period, in our heads – make sure you drink lots of  water and ground yourself.

For the first half of the three week retrograde, use this time to review and research, especially in the areas of communication and connection with others. Find ways of increasing your authentic connection with your peeps, and use this time to tie up loose ends in this regard. Action points of sorting your website, or doing a data cleanse – all great things at this time.

The second half of retrograde is getting into action with what you have discovered. Only press ahead with contracts and important plans if you have room for flexibility, as plans may well change.

Mercury retrograde 2016 is also time for an overhaul of relationships – who has popped up from your past – in person, through contact, or even you just thinking about them? Create closure if that is what is needed, even silently to yourself, and be grateful for the role they played in your life. It’s a period of honesty & openness – and maintain your sense of humour for whatever may occur!

Mark you diary as a great time to work with this energy, not against it!