Soul Felt Solutions Meditations are an amazing, unique series of meditations designed to integrate Soul Groups and Archangel Realms into your chakras.

The meditations provide:

  • An instant sense of connection, calmness and serenity with each of the Soul Groups
  • Chakra healing and rebalancing at a Soul Felt level using sound vibration
  • Divine music that sings to your heart and soul, resonating at frequencies and attunements to bring your body into perfect vibration
  • Access to not only your own Soul Family realm, and also open up new connections to other Soul Groups to tap into their unique gifts
  • Feel the Archangels heavenly wings wrap around you as you are transported to another dimension and lifted for healing and clearing
  • A chance to immerse and lose yourself for 22 minutes into another space, place and time, to completely recharge your batteries, no matter how drained you are feeling
  • An opening up to the infinite possibilities at an energetic level of Your Universal Self
  • A journey deep into the transformative effects of stillness and being

The music has been inspired by connections to the Soul Family groups, and brings through the qualities and feelings within the music itself.

To accompany the music, the Soul Felt Solutions Meditation Guide explains and explores the Soul Groups and Archangel Realms and what emotions, feelings, clearings and connections you can start tapping into with each group. This allows you to pick and choose what you wish to experience in that moment, or simply trust your instinct to guide you to what you need right now.

This guide can be used for all three sets of meditation to see what calls to you in the moment, or use the Energy forms to help you decide what to listen to today.

There are three variations of the meditations available, for you to call upon as and when you wish to be connected to a certain energy, quality of spirit or for support and guidance you need in that moment.

Soul Felt Solutions Meditations – Music

The ten individual pieces run for 22 minutes and 22 seconds each (22 being a Master Number in Chaldean Numerology). They provide a way of connecting the Soul Groups and Archangel Realms with your energetic bodies.

The Music only version allows you to fully appreciate the depth of healing and connection available through the sound vibrations uniquely created to resonate with different emotional bodies.

Each one evokes energetic responses and qualities of spirit, and all help to raise your vibration to a higher, more conscious vibration.

They can be used on their own, along with Soul Felt Solutions Energy Forms or as background music for a calming, or intimate space.

Soul Felt Solutions Meditations – Soul Groups

This series of ten meditations provides a unique way of connecting into the essence of each Soul Family, and to start inviting in what you wish to experience from that Soul Group.

This opens up access to Soul Groups previously unexplored, and can help move you beyond your own Realms and tap into the power and purpose of other groups.

For example, to experience more unconditional love in this moment, you may chose to meditate with the Hadarian piece. This brings forth waves of connection, calmness, security and support only fully experienced through Love That IS.

Or you are working on a project and have tight deadlines. Take 20 minutes time out, tune into Pleides, and the energies of speedy creativity and change. Watch your productivity rise afterwards.

Each meditation includes softly spoken words overlaying the music. Allow it to take you on a journey of exploration and connection to new galactic places, evoking the qualities of spirit you wish to connect to at this time.

Observe the mantra upon which you can focus whilst you spend the second half of the meditation immersed in the new found connection whilst listening and absorbing the energies of the music.

These meditations can be used on their own, or in conjunction with the Soul Felt Solutions Energy Forms.

Soul Felt Solutions Meditations – Archangels

The Archangel mediations are created in the same format as the Soul group meditations, with gentle spoken guidance to reconnect you with your own Archangel group, as well as tapping into Divine support and healing of other groups.

Invite in the Angelic energy to help heal, release and empower you at new levels. Use the resources freely available to you to assist you in day to day living, as well as life challenges that have remained unresolved.

Feel the gentle and loving comfort of the Angels whilst being guided to reconnect and immerse in their love and support for you.

You are offered a mantra to recite in your mind as you enjoy the hypnotic music and resonance, whilst integrating the Divine support you have called in.

These meditations can be used on their own, or in conjunction with the Soul Felt Solutions Energy Forms.

Soul Felt Solutions Energy Forms

Channelled directly from each Soul Family, the Soul Felt Solutions Energy Forms provide a visual image of the groups, enabling you to connect through the eyes of your Soul.