Today is a super important date for Cosmic Alchemy – tonight, at 10.15AEST Jupiter turns direct 9 May 2016.
It has been four months of looking inside at our own abundance and wealth value – so take time TODAY to write down your clear intentions for what you are choosing to co-create in this reality.

Three hours later, a rare occurence of Mercury transitioning the Sun, allows for us to really see into the future of what is possible. Pay attention to your dreams tonight – set an intention before you sleep to experience what you life could be like.

May is a 14/5 energy – about staying centered in the midst of a Change month. Time to finish up outstanding matters, and start getting into action from midway Mercury retrograde tomorrow 10th May.

Enjoy the lighter energies of May, and take time to be grounded, rest and reflect of where you are right now. Embody the feelings you are choosing to create, and be grateful for where you are right now. Release the judgements around what’s right or wrong. Be supported by the energy of 5, for change, to have new experiences in life, and start creating new habits and thoughts that really serve you. lots of time for self care and nurturing this month too.
A perfect time to be doing the inner work, and letting go of the old energy patterns that will weigh you down and hold you back as we move towards the second half of the year, when the roller coaster of life really gets going.

If you would like guidance on what your inner blocks are really about, and assistance to facilitate transmuting your energy patterns over lifetimes, simple Book in for a session to finally be free of the weight of the old.