March 2016 Cosmic Hindsight

March was a full on month  from a Cosmic perspective to say the least, and everyone has been feeling the roller-coaster of emotional fall out under this influence.

So what was REALLY going on?

We had the solar eclipse on 8th March

Followed by Equinox around 20th

Lunar eclipse 23rd March

Between the eclipses, there was a radical shift in power structure in our bodies. Our understanding of personal power & collective consciousness shifted. Issues around balance & fairness were activated at Equinox, and at the lunar eclipse, there was a heart opening experience interconnected all of you , not accessible before.

This was expected, & to jump a timeline or two.

What does a Timeline jump mean? We are multi-dimensional  beings pretending to have 3rd dimensional reality, past, present & future. Moving along timeline at a particular rate.

At moments, individual or collectively, we jump a timeline. Then new abilities & realities, that would have taken a much longer to do in previous timeline, start unfolding. We used to expect to take time to manifest.

After 23rd, we experienced a collective timeline jump – all consciousness currently interacting on Planet Earth, to a higher timeline that initially thought or prepared for. We have been preparing since winter solstice.

In 2 weeks leading up, or the lunar eclipse or after, into physical/emotional/mental energetic distress. All aspects of Self have to realign. Anything in the shadows, we are unaware of,has come up for air. Those aspects that have  forgotten itself of love & operates from lack of love. Since then, adjusting, clearing & attending to ourselves.

Everything is now different. So important  to be existing in the moment, do not try & bring old stories with you –dragging a ton of weight, difficult to manifest effortless & easily.

We express our energy exactly as we are in each moment, acknowledge ourselves in that moment to immediately shift the body & the experience. Instantaneous opportunities to recreate and re-align  & manifest. Carte blanche for manifestation. Always have just didn’t feel it in linear time of 3D. expected to take time. Now 5thD – immediate manifestation. Not about choosing which dimension, depends on the chakra trauma.

When still holding trauma in chakras & love yourself back into love incarnate, in 1-3rd lower chakras. Then can access the truth you are always your Higher self. Can use 5th Dimension technology at will. Be available to jump to any timeline when you want to. You are the creative being, stop waiting for things happen to me, I create it. This IS my creation in this moment.

Releasing the old paradigm of trust, fear & insecurity, cannot operate in 5th D. Still need to do the work, just more aware of it. Will come with a bigger sense of ease, as we release judgement. Let go of need to look at old judgements about external reality, it is a mirror of what is going on inside. Which lifetime did we do it – when were we the villain? Release judgement about it.

Exciting times ahead as we shift into the new paradigm.

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(notes taken from a teleseminar by Nora Herold 2/4/16)