June 2016 Cosmic Alchemy Report  – video 4″

We have some wonderful supportive energies in June, as we are finding our freedom within the boundaries we set to serve our Soul Self best, under the influence of Saturn. Use the last month of Mars retrograde to get into fighting fit shape, as they say, ready for the last six months of the year.

The last energies of this nine year cycle have been calling you all year to let go of that baggage that doesn’t serve you – and  may that is physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Use male Mars energy as an impetus.
with Neptune’s dreamy energy  coming in mid June until November, it’s a fabulous time to think, feel and dream Big Vision before next year of new beginning energy really emerges.


If you would like guidance on what your inner blocks are really about, and assistance to facilitate transmuting your energy patterns over lifetimes, simple Book in for a session to finally be free of the weight of the old.

Feel free to leave feedback about hte June 2016 Cosmic Alchemy Report below and if it helps you clarify the energies available for you.