Jo Muir - The Soul Visionary

Jo Muir – The Soul Visionary

AKA Josephine Sorciere 

My Soul Purpose is to inspire others to emerge, amplify and transform their personal and business lives by igniting the connection to the Truth of Who You Really Are. I help create Quantum Transformations, and help you to start owning your full value, purpose and potential within the powerful, beautiful Being that is you.

My soul is fulfilled when I’m in the dimension of adventure, creation, and imagination. That’s my Soul Group of Parallel talking. I feel so blessed when leading others to find the same satisfaction that comes from owning Who They Are, and providing the missing pieces to their life puzzle.

Who is Jo Muir?

Looking at Chaldean numerology, my Life Path – what I was born to do – is an 18/9. I’m here to use my leadership and business skills to make a difference in the world as a humanitarian. I am inspiring others to embrace their passion through inspirational, authentic and spiritual leadership.

I’m an ENFP (Myers Briggs) – a Campaigner for freedom at all levels. I’m The Alchemist Archetype – here to create magic and show others the infinite possibilities for an amazing life when you simply get out of your own way. The energies I channel facilitate release and re-connection to the enlightened path, so you can LIVE the Blueprint Way – any time you chose. I’m here to show you how.

I connect with people around the globe to empower, and be empowered. At the end of the day, it’s all about Love & Connection, and there has never been an easier time to reach out and be touched. Embrace the opportunities all around you and put yourself out there.

My background

In my earlier life, which seems so distant, I worked in the Corporate world for 20 years spanning across my birth country of England, New Zealand and Australia. With two degrees in Chartered Surveying BSc Hons RICS and Management Accounting CIMA  (always did have a love of numbers!) I have continually pursued learning and personal growth.

In 2004 I quit my corporate J.O.B., and have dabbled in numerous businesses since, the main theme being internet marketing and business strategy. At the same time, I have evolved on my own personal journey of expansion and raised consciousness. I worked on and off for 10 years around having a family, and now work part time while caring for my two young boys in Adelaide, Australia.

It’s about WHO I AM NOW that inspires you. If there is a resonance or calling within you to connect with me, and for you to step into Your Universal Self, then let’s start making a difference today.