Here’s an in depth look at Hadar – Soul Realm of Love. Originally recorded as a FB live video for my group “Infinite Expansion” (still open for great content, just not active presently).

Learn about the qualities of Spirit Hadarians bring into this lifetime and beyond, as well as the challenges you face.

The link to the webinar I mention at the end of the recording –
7 days to Radiant Livingcan be found here

Hadarians bring forward a huge Soul Wound for healing. if we could live from a place of “love is all there is” life would be so much easier. However, with the soul wounds of Hadar playing out early in life with a dysfunctional relationship with at least one of your parents, then plays out later in life through other relationships, we are left wondering if we will ever experience the true meaning of Unconditional Love.

This awareness and willingness to heal offers you a path back to Self-Love, and that you need not search outside yourself for your own fulfillment. Whether that be love, joy, freedom, connection, abundance, or whatever your heart longs for .

When you realise the power and freedom you have by filling yourself up with self-love, the liberation is immense. The thing is, we are never taught how to find it, fill it and fuel our hearts. That’s what I teach you. So you KNOW HOW to balloon with love any time you choose, no matter what is going on around you.

Most awakened Souls have spent time in 2,3, 4 different Soul Realms. It’s always great to understand your own unique combination of qualities of spirit of Hadar along with your other Soul Realm qualities.

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