Guiding Star of Polaris

When we could do with something a little more tangible than just the Universe. North star, polaris – beacon of light. The guiding star of Polaris is also a soul realm, so we can tap into its energetic support to feel the qualities  of spirit – dependable, reliable and true. Energy of being whole, nothing missing.

Guiding Star of Polaris

It gives Stability and trust that all is well. Polaris energy helps us move out of polarity and into a more unified field of oneness. Associated with the throat chakra, the energy supports you bringing more of your authentic self through in your self expression. Whether that is verbal, written or even communication at a deeper level.

However, those who have spent time in Polaris, and is one of their soul realms,  be mindful of not being too stubborn with your thinking and the way things should  be. Move more towards free choice for all, as we all have our own ways of bringing our uniqueness to the one ness.

Using Polaris Energy

Use this energy to unite your mind body and spirit, to guide all aspects of you towards alignment, and trusting everything is ok. When you feel whole and complete within yourself, you are able to radiate the essence of wholeness to the world. You know you have everything you could ever need, right inside you.

Alight the flame of connection to this wholeness, and help end the search outside yourself for the answers to your own happiness and fulfilment. Your highest loyalty is to your spirit, so bring that commitment forward with trust, wholeness and unity, and move back into the truth of who you really are

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