How are you feeling that the total solar eclipse a couple of weeks ago? It really was the catalyst for big shifts and breakthroughs, the can really start to be felt now. This comes with increasing clarity and direction, especially now mercury is gone direct. Neptune is at its closest approach to Earth year.

It’s a high energy week. Use the full moon to celebrate the breakthroughs the light is come forward for you over the past few weeks. Use that energy to hand over everything you are not sure of to the moon. Let it wash away if things been holding you back since February this year.

Supported to advance

You are really supported to advance yourself right now, opening a new chapter in our personal and collective lives. It’s like a new dimension of connection and meanings is becoming clearer to you. It is opening your heart more to love, and seeing beyond the program veils that have hidden truth.

There is a real need to surrender and trust, in divine timing and the unfolding of events. Let go of any rigidity, and instead love the process to unfold over the next week. This  will help you the clarity and direction you need. September is a one month, in a universal year of one, doubling the intensity of new beginnings. As we move into spring, it’s safe once again the excitement of possibility, the month of rebirth and renewal.

The only way to leave behind the limiting old ways and habits to get out of your comfort zone. Only you can decide the extent to which you are ready to freefall, with trust and faith. To a new empowered way of being, a fresh start.  How can you best serve in this world? This is what we are being call to consider.

Maybe you have experienced some situations that felt quite intense, opening up old wounds and traumas. It’s your choice in these moments, to be grateful and see the opportunity for positive transformation. Release yourself from the emotional triggers, when you can be the observer of how you feel. You have a choice through it, rather than stay stuck in it like you would have before.

Full moon sept 17

The Full moon sept 17: falls in Pisces on 6 September at 5pm AEST is going to help bring forward your intuitive gifts and innate power. All about feeling, and birthing into the new (the number of 6). It is only when we tap in to the all of us, Your universal self as I like to call it, to really bring forward everything you are here for.

A One month in one year supports your energy for renewal, an opportunity to activate soul level abundance. Make a stand to bring your unique gifts forward. Assisting you to align with the deepest desires and spiritual transformation. As in real manifesting mojo around right now, maybe everything you have created so far this year come to fruition now.

With Pisces and Neptune playing a big watery influence right now, imagine the tides bringing up to the shore what needs to be taken out, and purge. Washing away the pain.
Cast the nets back into the waters, like you are creating boundaries around what YOU want to experience, and not take on other people’s stuff. Allow yourself to feel your way through, feel the connection, rather than think it through. nurture yourself, time for self-care, in and around your home.

Take note of the effect of water throughout the world right now – floods in Texas, Nepal, one-third of Bangladesh under water, it is really showing up. Yet we have so many wildfires in other parts of the world out of control. Perhaps see the energies merge and balance to help heal Gaia.

One month in a One year

This is the first time this year we have had the one month in a one year. It’s like you have had prep time, to take a look back with nostalgia, and decide what you want to hang on to. This is the beginning of a 9 year process, so it’s allowed time for YOU to change, increasing your wisdom and healing, before the changes kick in around you. Letting go of the belief systems that are not serving your highest self. Becoming one with Source again, and feeling into the birthing of the expansion.

Now is the time to finally believe in Who You Are. It’s actually a 10 month, and 10 year, not just a 1. The zero reminds us that anything and everything is possible, and you get to chose. A one is your sense of self – what you need to thrive, and chose in your best interests. A 10 is about being Bold.

Also, Mercury is at 28 degrees, exactly the same as the solar eclipse, so we are carrying that energy of moving forward, especially supported with Mars, the planet of action. Implement in conjunction with your intuition. Your masculine and feminine really working together.

It is time to believe in yourself. In January, you probably were not ready to fully embrace the new beginnings.  Look what has transpired this year so far. Can you feel how different things are for you now? In who you are?? that is why now is the time to believe in the new you. Be IN IT.

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