As little girl, I had no problem knowing what to do to make me happy. Finding joy was easy. It was beyond happiness, more of an elated feeling of excitement, curiosity and aliveness that continuously bubbled up inside. Like the effervescence of champagne.

By the time we are in our 30’s and 40’s, it sometimes feels the only way to recapture that joy again is by drinking champagne (or eating the food, or scrolling on FB…), and yet we know this will only provide a fleeting moment of frivolity and lightness. The same can be said that anything external we rely upon to bring us joy.

It is the basis of every addiction. Those moments of escapism, something external giving us what we crave. It can never last, hence we go back for more, time and time again.

How would life be different if we can call in joy in any moment, or situation, simply by being present, and choosing it. There is only one person who can do that for you: your inner child.

They are the ones that can instantly align with what lights them up, makes them grin from ear to ear. Bringing childlike innocence to your experience is the only thing you need to stop searching for external solutions to your joy and happiness.

How often are you in your zone of happiness?

When was the last time you had a real belly laugh, or heartfelt fun simply playing and laughing? When did you get so lost in a creative project, all sense of time disappeared, and you only present the creative process itself?

If it’s been a while, it may be time for a reunion with your little one. As adults, we underestimate the importance of regularly including our inner child as part of daily, or at least weekly, life. They are the key to finding joy within again.


girl having fun in the snow

In my activation for “Finding Joy”, I take you on a magical journey to a winter wonderland, where you can play in the snow and once again, igniting the joy within. Using the powerful symbol of the snowflake, each and every day, can be the reminder and catalyst you need to flip the switch back to joy, any time you choose.

You may have ignored your inner child for years. Except they are always there, playing the role you deemed appropriate for them, whether you are aware of it or not.

They long for you to invite them out to play. To live a little, without a care in the world. To do things simply for the fun and joy of it. With nowhere else to go, no mask to wear. Just be YOU.

Who’s having the tantrum?

How often do you have a stand-up row with your partner? Stamping your foot, indignant that you are right. What about yelling at your children? Demanding respect, frustrated at being out of control, and exhausted from the constant challenge of being a parent. Completely fed up with your boss, you can hardly give you the time of day, let alone support you.

The person having the tantrum in that moment is YOU. The one that is hurting the most is you. Or more correctly, your inner child. The one who is never seen, heard or understood. What is unfolding around you is merely a reflection of the degree to which you ignore your own inner child.

What could you shift in your daily life experience if you consciously chose to bring more joy into your life? Your little one would get to play, laugh, be present, be creative – doing things they are really good at.

Once they feel they have free rein to have fun, no matter what is going on around them, then you are giving them the freedom they crave. Giving yourself the freedom to be you, and not allow external circumstances to dictate your own level of joy.

Call in the Fun Brigade

Perhaps you could give your inner child a job, so they feel useful and valued. (Isn’t that what we all want??) Put them in charge of the Joy Department, and they call in the Fun Brigade whenever you ask them. It can be their job to think of anything in that moment that lights them up, for finding joy, and awakens your heart.

Whether that be the snowflake (in the Activation), a very present moment in nature, or simply a deep breath, it can be that simple to bring lightness to any situation. You always have a choice.

I would bet $1m on the high correlation between depression, addiction or a materialistic driven life with the degree of isolation and healthy relationship with their inner child. Asking them, “what is it you want and need to feel safe and loved?”, and knowing how to give that to them, with compassion and care, just as you would your own toddler.

What we really crave

Just because we are “responsible adults” does not mean we have to forego what comes naturally to us. Fun, freedom, joy, connection, abundance and love. The qualities of spirit set out in the Blueprint – how life is supposed to be lived.

It is these qualities we crave, and today I have given you food for thought to readdress your ability for finding joy once more. Once we open up and reconnect, understanding the simplicity of alighting the fun flames within, we can start to wonder why we never chose that path in the first place.

Your inner child will thank you – it’s been a long time since they felt valued, and will do their best to remind you of the snowflake when you need it the most. It is only your adult self they can choose to acknowledge and listen to the prompts.

Start working as a team – this is the secret finding joy once more in your heart. You no longer need external solutions, for those fleeting moments. The power is within.


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