Facing Addictions

We have all had addictions at some point, whether they serve us or not. If habits become addictions when we feel we have to have it, and not much else in that moment could replace it. When was the last time you stopped to consider if your daily habits are really helping you live a healthy, connected, bountiful life – or not

You are empowered with the gift of choice, and can realise you have different options. Sometimes, it can be as simple as being mindful in that moment, and really consider if the choice you make serves you – at a mind, body and spiritual level.

Just because you think it’s good for your body, does your higher Self  thank you for consuming or participating? What if your higher self longs for you to find that fulfilment in your heart instead?

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Is the addiction engrained?

Sometimes though, it can be a tougher choice. The addiction is engrained. The voice in our head longs for the relief or enjoyment it would give us. The taste buds may be tingling, or the adrenaline pumping, knowing how good we will feel when we have ‘that thing’.

Or it may be a matter of escaping your mind and reality for a while. It may only last a few moments, minutes or hours, though your mind tells you it is totally worth it just to feel better. To focus elsewhere, other than being with your thoughts and feelings, for a while.

If you have a sense any addiction is out of control, and having a major detrimental effect on your wellbeing and on those around you – please, seek professional help.

When we stop to consider why we have addictions, it’s always because we think we can’t have that fulfilment within ourselves, and it has to come from an external source. We crave the next fix of caffeine, food, nicotine, alcohol, drugs or even screen time.

Commonplace addictions

The habit may not be out of control. It could be a one cup or glass a day habit. You still feel you need it though, to feel differently.  Without making anything right or wrong, let’s just consider a few common place addictions briefly.

Do you feel you can’t function without your morning coffee? Perhaps your mind would prefer decent relaxation and rest, rather than being wired up and energised simply to cope with information overload and busyness.

What about the glass of wine or two each evening? Could it be your mind simply longs to switch off, or feel like your problems and worries melt away just for a little while. What if some meditation had the same affect? Or if you enjoy it to be social, could you create some fun dabbling in some new teas or mocktails? Or for those evenings where getting drunk seems such a good idea, what amazingly fun activity could you do instead? It’s easier when you realise you are worth thinking and caring about.

Perhaps cigarettes or other narcotics could be your nemesis. When I quit after 15 years, the thing that got me through it was realising it’s the oxygen hitting your brain on the first drag that gets you high, it takes 7 seconds for the nicotine to reach your brain. So how could taking some beautiful long deep breaths help you in that moment of choice?

Food and social media addictions

Maybe you seek comfort from food. It’s your body’s way of telling you it wants filling up. What if you could learn to fill up on love, joy, and connection instead? What if you could love yourself just enough to drink a big glass of water instead of the soda? How could that make you feel – worthy? Proud? Confident? Lighter and clearer? Yes to all those things

What about the modern day addiction of social media? We all long for a sense of connection, and stare at our screens, hoping to be inspired, or perhaps learn the latest news or gossip, or find escapism in shopping. Comparing ourselves to how others lead their lives. Ads that prompt Feelings of inadequacy – that we don’t know enough, or aren’t good enough yet, so you need more training or another course. You are being sold to continuously.

How could you feel if you met someone face to face, or on the phone, for a real conversation, from the heart? Could you sense the tangible connection, the invisible threads that link you together, that simply can’t be transmitted with the same effect across the internet?

Or how about taking time to connect within yourself – to your heart. For that is what you truly desire. That is your own fulfilment.

There is another choice when facing addictions

Is it time for you to consider if you are making the best choices? How good would you feel if you found another way, a healthier substitute, or a real life connection? Could you love yourself enough to try – one day at a time?

Our minds & bodies go off like clockwork. We don’t stop for a moment to think if the morning coffee is a stand in for a lack of rest or sleep. We reach for that chocolate bar or snack when we feel hungry, without being mindful of choice. Pouring a wine is quicker than boiling a kettle.

Your Healthy Choice Angel

Healthy What if we could have a little voice inside that could cheer us on for different choice? Could your mind be open to that? Whether you call it a Health Angel, or the Love Dude, it doesn’t matter. Name it so you feel you have something to support you, in a really positive way.

For you to call on whenever those decisions in those moments are hard. To help empower yourself, and remind you of the long term benefits are sooo much greater than any short term quick fix. You get to create the terms of your relationship. What you’d like them to remind you of, and when.

Committing to yourself

Make a commitment to your inner guidance health angel, to do your best to acknowledge and make a different choice. Sure there are moments you won’t hear it, or stick to plan A. that’s ok. When you understand this inner voice comes with unconditional love, you can start to let go of self-judgement, and realise you can support yourself. It does not need to come from outside you. You are capable of making a different decision, because your mind, body and spirit are worth it.

How good would it feel to know you are finding other ways to fuel your body that really serve you. Doing this in conjunction with finding ways to fuel your heart and spirit will be your fast track to changing your life, and breaking your addictions.

After all, the only reason we have them is to get, temporarily, the feelings of relief, release, energy, connection, peace and enjoyment. What could your life look like if you knew how to get them anyway, any time you chose? That conversation’s for another day.

Listen to “connecting to your Healthy Choice Angel” here

In the meantime, I invite you to listen to part B of Facing Addictions, where I take you through a guided meditation to connect you to your own Health Angel, and make a commitment together to make a different choice, moment by moment.


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