Embracing Freedom

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when I say “freedom”?

It is a holiday on a tropical island? Perhaps having a couple of million $$ in the bank? A day spent when time seems to be on hold? A night without the children?

For most people, the answer comes in the form of an external solution, a circumstance perhaps. However, few acknowledge the real source of imprisonment. Our minds. The place where the shackles of beliefs and thoughts seem nearly impossible to remove.

They are sometimes let off the leash when on holiday, “away from it all”. For most pick up the baggage once again when they arrive back home. Just like the suitcases that go round and round the airport, so does the treadmill of the mind start-up once more upon being back in “reality”.

What could life be like you if you knew how to free yourself from continuous mind chatter, holding you prisoner, day in, day out? It is very empowering to know to find freedom of the mind any time you choose. It’s only ever a matter of using the tools you have, or are beginning to discover. Finally escape all that we have been taught about embracing freedom.

What we feel, not what we think

How we feel is more valuable than what we think. When we realise that, we can chose to shift how we feel.  There is nothing more important than how we feel. We are taught external circumstances will make us happy and give us freedom so we hanker after them. In the same way, we are taught to focus on what we think.

As people start to awaken, they hear the principle “thoughts become things”. What if it is our feelings that become manifest? So let’s start getting into the feeling vibration of that which we wish to experience. Then nothing stops you from embracing freedom now.

It is so liberating to get it’s no longer essential for certain circumstance to happen in order to find freedom. What if you could tap in to the freedom your heart and mind longs for whenever you like? Knowing how to find peace and tranquillity within is worth more than any amount in the bank, or any place on earth.

Here is an easy way for you to immerse in the feeling sensation of freedom, and learn how to activate it any time you chose.


Taking time to listen to the 17” meditation for embracing freedom will take you on a journey to really feel the Freedom within. That sense of lightness, nowhere else to be, completely happy in this moment, there is nothing else you need.

You can bring this sensation into your feeling body, and into your heart, you are able to anchor those feelings and learn how to call them in at any time. The activation will take you through the process, and give you the know-how to feel that freedom once again, simply by remembering and activating your symbol.

Use these tools often every day, to bring in all you wish to experience in this present moment. For it is always the qualities of spirit we long for, and never the thing itself.


Jo Muir – the Soul Visionary – provides wisdom, guidance and Activations so you can reconnect to the Truth of Who You Are. You are not your thoughts, you are a spiritual Being having a human experience. Your birthright is to live by the Blueprint. To find out more, and how you can start radically transforming your life to one of brilliance, take time to watch a free webinar, ‘7 secrets of Radiant Living”.