Cosmic Alchemy Election Day 2016

Today is halfway point between Equinox and Solstice the day of balance and resetting your own yin and yang. It’s time to slow down and reconnect within yourself. It’s a great time to remember we have our own seasons and as we move towards summer we can check in and observe what is unfolding for us right now.

Where are you out with your own visions and plans, not only for the last seven weeks of this year and also thinking ahead to the new energies of 2017.

On Monday we have another super full moon the second of three in a row. Do make time to observe it as is the closest to Earth has been 68 years and we can really see and feel the energy of the moon. This intense energy supports and passion rising and this week is great to be aware and immerse in your own spiritual growth. If you can make the space to go a little slower and  explore who you really are.

You may recall from my last cosmic alchemy, November is very much about being true and authentic, the master number of 11. You may be in the process of revealing your own inner light, take some time consider exactly how bright your shining. Is there room to turn up those beams even more?

On this day of the election in the United States be aware of how you are contributing to the energy of it all. Are you buying in to the level of human consciousness of anger and even hatred at what is unfolding. Or are you able to stay in that place of trust, and knowing the human consciousness has chosen this path, it is necessary before we move into the new age. When you can stand strong in your own light, your own fearlessness, that is when you contribute to raising awareness. That is when you add value and healing in the world. Getting out of your head and judgement, and into your heart and love.

As we observe how the party leaders have been focused on tearing each other down judgements and degrading proof, let’s bring some compassion to the situation. It appears that both parties of the site of what the presidency means, bringing the country together and Working for the betterment of its people. We must remember that this negativity is part of the transformation. Transform that hatred and bring in love and compassion instead.

It is an opportunity for you to make a difference in this global community and I’m not talking about voting.  When we do a personal healing we bring that buried darker side to the light so can be released. It’s the same for global healing. Maybe we need to go back and bring out the energy of the past we can finally release it once and for all. Truth and love are available to you matter what the outcome of the election. That is what is important to choose.

So useful quiet time this week to observe all this energy and how it is affecting you. what is it you are choosing. It is up to you to shine your authentic light brightly the matter what is going on around you.

Until next time Namaste. Working for the betterment of its people