Election Catalyst

We’ve done it! As a collective, we have called in an opportunity for global healing with the Election Catalyst. I say hurrah!

The global events unfolded this week has seen many left in chaos, turmoil and fear. The polarity that is showing up quite profound, and is very easy to blame others for their choices, or individuals. However, we can only ever be responsible for how we feel, the choices we make, and the inspired action we can take. For no-one else. Just Yourself.

Are you electing for an external situation to determine your inner vibration? It has never been so important to remember that you get to choose how you feel -internally. Events have allowed for many emotions to be stirred. Memories of past have been brought to the surface, not only from this lifetime but for eons of repeat patterns of operating through fear and scarcity. It’s called human conditioning.

Could you consider this is an amazing opportunity to actually feel emotions you have suppressed? For many on the path of awakening, they believe that only Being love and light, and then sending that to others is what is required. Sorry to tell you – that’s not the solution.

We are here to experience every feeling – the very purpose of life. The difference is, are you able to experience all that Is in the present moment – that is real for you, or are you going to carry on and allow what’s happened (past tense)  to trigger an emotional response every time you think about it? This is how most operate. They do not know how to escape re-living in the past with every thought.

You are here to be a beacon of light, to inspire others to turn their own lights on if they choose. It is not your job, nor your responsibility, to shine light in areas of darkness where people are not searching for it. It is only those that are ready to look for the light that are able to receive it. Only then can the lower energies start to dissipate.

For many, the fear and anger that has been triggered almost ignites a sense of purpose. The ego mind is familiar with these feelings, therefore feels useful and knows what to do with them. “let’s keep creating evidence for more shock, fear and anger to appear, in me and in those around me.” It’s the comfort zone. Promises of redemption, to take away the things that they think the first place. It is so illusional.

For others, this could be exactly trigger they require to bring these and other emotions to the surface for healing. To make a decision around the polarity. Are you being fuelled by the grief and anger are you choosing this is an opportunity to awaken even further? To join the rising, the rebellion, the calling to help bring this world into the new age.

Perhaps this is the most perfect thing that could happen for humanity right now. It is a catalyst to realise where your own power lies. Victim mentality means you declare there something outside of you is more powerful than you. It’s really easy to follow the energy of the masses.

However, when you can know, feel and trust that your True Power can only exist when you are connected in to a higher source of energy. A true divine connection to who you really are. You are not your thoughts, your feelings. You are not your body. You’re not a wife, mother, business owner. You are awareness itself. That is where your true power lies.

When you are able to FEEL in your heart, with absolutely no doubt, you are supported, loved and held by the unseen powers, then you know that nothing external, or any circumstance, can rock your world.

It’s only a matter of knowing the tools to use, placing your trust in your heart and not your head, and creating processes to build habits of connecting in. When you flex your spiritual muscles enough, it becomes second nature to simply live and breathe through the divine connection, shine your light from your zone of bliss, and know you are in alignment with your soul purpose.

Each and every one of us has this choice. Not all know about the options, an even less commit to this transformation. With human conditioning as the guidelines, under desire to fit in with society, it takes a brave Soul to challenge this life paradigm. Once you have seen the light, you will always question the darkness in your mind. You start to recognise Truth vs Story.

All the feelings you have ever longed for right there for you to have right now. You may be uncertain as to how to find them. To discover new sources of inspiration, energy, true power, love and light may seem elusive, especially when we are feeling so much hurt, fear and betrayal.

So use this time constructively. Allow the deeply stirred emotions to release your Shadow, look at in the eye, acknowledge it and then ask “what do you need right now?” For then all your emotions are being seen, felt heard and understood. You no longer resist them. You can then feed and nurture them to help them dissipate, by expanding out into the fields of energy that have the qualities of spirit that you long for.

As Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in the world. Make a stance for peace and serenity in your heart, and reassess the circumstances. It is all a great blessing in disguise? When you know everything is perfect in every moment you begin to see the gift we have been given for collective healing with this election catalyst. It all starts with you the choices you make. With You.

Jo Muir is a Change Agent for healing this planet. Inspiring others to embrace and love the Truth of Who They Really Are through ancient wisdom and Quantum Soul Activations. To experience more of Jo’s work, and to help you find more joy and connection in all you do, free to access this webinar recording, or sign up for Soul Felt Solutions, keeping in touch with inspirational and uplifting vibes.