Let’s explore what the different realms of existence are, and what it means to move out of 3D reality in to the 5D way of Being.

First Dimension – Realm of Quantum Physics

This is connecting to our physical world through our foundations of minerals, water and genetic coding. It is ‘unconscious’ to our five physical senses.
One dimension defines length, the x axis, and can be thought of as a straight line.

Second Dimension – Biological Connection

Here, we can connect to plant and animal kingdoms, where the chemical elements of our body interact. At this level, you can understand the communication network between all your cells.
Beings that exist here – fairies, nature spirits, elementals.
Add a second dimension to the straight line of x, and you have the y axis of height

Third Dimension – Reality becomes ‘real’

This is where density comes into the equation, and consciousness can identify with matter – what we call ‘the material world’. We work logically, to prove things, and need to see to believe. The illusion of free will exists here and the fourth dimension
Bring in the third dimension to the x and y axis, and we have z axis – that of volume.

Fourth Dimension – The Astral Plane

This is the zone where light meets dark – and the illusion of good v bad exists. Fear and distrust emerge, and willpower is deemed the way to overcome the darkness. It is very mind oriented, and drenched in human conditioning of the fight or flight mode.

At the same time, this is the dimension where magic, time travel, telepathy and of course astral travel exist. For those willing to engage with this dimension, there is more chance of living a magical life.

Fourth dimension brings in the aspect of time

Fifth Dimension – The Plane of Light

It’s the new buzz word to live from the energy of the Fifth Dimension – that of heaven and Light. For many religions it is the highest realm a Soul can reach. The ultimate destination once you pass over from ‘earthly reality’. It is the first dimension going upwards that is not bound by limitation.
This is the realm where we incarnate as stellar beings – time on other realms, or living in stars. It is where you came from before you chose time on Earth. Here there is no separation, and hence no suffering. For those seeking to return to self-love, this is the place you are aiming for. Where you live through the realm of love, and never of fear – it does not exist here.

To reach the fifth dimension, it is a matter of duplicating yourself into that dimension. Astral or time travel does not help, you are able to BE in this place at the same time as your physical body remains on earth, as it is your Soul Spirit that reunites with its home realm(s). Some feel that travelling through Portals that are opening up on Earth is necessary – these are for higher realms. Your Soul naturally knows (with guidance and openness to experience) how to be in this fifth dimension at all times.

When you are able to connect into the fifth dimension, and embody it within your physical existence, the magic of co-creation starts to unfold. You live from the realm of love, without fear. The illusion of separation ceases to exist, as you revel in the Oneness with All That Is.

Life only becomes challenging when you try to fit this energy, and that of higher realms, into the functionality as described by Earther’s operating system.

Sixth Dimension – Symbols & communication

This dimension is where sacred geometry and all language arises – it provides information and a way to convey it. It is here that the models of all dimensions are created and interact. It is where the Akashic Record field is held – the knowledge of all Souls across all times, space and realities.

Beings from here are on the ball with high vibrant energy. The Blueprint Translators have spent lifetimes here understanding the codes of the Universe, and it is their purpose to keep tapping into the ‘secrets’ and translate them for others to understand on Earth.

Seventh Dimension – Living vortexes

These are often experienced as swirling rainbow energies that vortex through different dimensions, and not just in 3D directions. That way, it can bring information from different times and space.

The purpose here is to explore other dimensions, to propel the sequence of Universal Evolution.

The Eighth Dimension – Group Souls

Here, collective of entities work together as one, and can channel into other forms in other dimensions. Think of drops within an ocean, communicating through holograms. The group energy could be ‘living in this world’ as a rainforest.

The ninth Dimension – the creation of form

In this dimension, the formless consciousness at the tenth dimension becomes form into planetary, universal and dimensional consciousness. There is always a hierarchy, best shown through nature on Earth. A hierarchy of dependency also exists, humanity needs the Earth to evolve, though the converse is not true.

The tenth Dimension – The Truth – The Universe

The Universe, which is tenth dimensional, is a conscious entity. Looking at the energy of the numbers, 1 + 0 is the all and the nothing combined. It is a pure mixture of the yin and yang, a bit like Cosmic DNA. It contains the whole Blueprint of what is to unfold in the Universe’s lifetime.

Some call this tenth dimensional awareness as “Christ Consciousness” and is really the level of cosmology. It is the Light everything is in. Feeling into this dimension we can say we have returned to the Creator. It is where our Spirit came into existence, and all beings have a tenth dimension aspect.

You can project your consciousness into any form in the Universe. By bringing tenth dimension consciousness into the seventh dimension, it can then be projected into the third.

The Eleventh Universe – The Seeds of Universes

Now and again, Source manifests the ‘material’ to create Universes – this is the eleventh dimension we refer to. Looking at the numbers, two 1’s, it is having the energies of the Great Yin and Great Yang coming together, separate by a membrane to ensure they do not fully merge, otherwise they would return to Source.

A Universe is born when a seed from the Great Yang, transduces the membrane and meets a particle of the Yin – otherwise known as the big bang – an explosive growth of a living Universe.

The twelfth Dimension – The All That Is

In this dimension we fuse the 1 of Unity with the 2 of Duality. It includes and exceeds all infinities, and cannot be imagined by the limitations of our minds. It is what we call God, or The Source, All That IS. There is no I. this realm is everything, and more.


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