Creating Intentions
from your Heart and Soul 
- 10 Day Series of Wisdom  & Activations for Higher Dimensional Living

"Embrace Quantum energy and Soul Realms to create Intentions throughout your life "

You are ready to let go of To Do Lists & Resolutions...and move into Quantum Creation of your life

...harnessing the power of Soul Realm Chakras to ignite manifesting your Intentions.

How would a 10 day course of Wisdom, meditations with workbooks and powerful Activations make a difference to how you set Intentions in your life??

Introducing  Creating Intentions from your Heart and Soul.  Designed to specifically have you consider what is truly important to you - your opportunity to identify EXACTLY what your heart and Soul are longing for. 

The course takes your vision to higher dimensions, by harnessing the energetic power of the Soul Realms, in conjunction with Chakra alignment. This reconnection can fast track you to engaging a new level of energy and support for co-creation. 

The 10 day Creating Intentions series includes:

  • 10 daily Audios delivered to your inbox : 7-21" minutes each
  • Absorb the wisdom, meditations and Quantum Soul Activations
    at a mind, body and Soul level
  • 3 workbooks to help you journal your release and reset processes,
    plus a guide for setting intentions

You will have all the tools, know-how and Soul Support to create intentions annually, monthly or even daily. Learn how to align your energy between your BHAG's (Big hairy Audacious Goals) and your intentions you create each day. 

Start letting go of 3D ways of To Do lists and linear planning. Instead, move into the Quantum Vortex of energy field of co-creation. Immerse in the feelings you long to have before you get the things you think you want!

For a crazy low investment of only $30.99, this is an investment that you can use time and time again throughout your life. Whether it's for the year ahead, a new work project or simply how you want to feel tomorrow, this course has you covered. 

CREATING INTENTIONS is your personal planning tool  to align with your Heart & Heart & Soul Purpose


  •  What are you truly committed to releasing and letting go of in all areas of your life 
  • Reflect on just how far you have come, with celebration and gratitude for all
  • Help you make commitments to standing for what you truly deserve, with easy ways for you to remember your promises to yourself
  • A guided process on what you are visioning not only for next year, and also for the next 3/5/9 years, immersing you into the feeling space of what you are going to experience 
  • Why it is so important to get into the energy of what you are creating, and not just a linear list action plan - allow for Infinite Possibilities by co-creating with the Universe 
  • Guides to when to create Intentions (including a 2018 moon calendar planner), as well as Quantum Soul Activations to immerse in the energy of the Big Vision, as well as daily Intentions

Take a Journey into Possibilities with  
Quantum Soul Activations for release, new beginnings and Soul Realm reconnection

Why are Quantum Soul Activations more powerful for healing?

Unlike other meditations, I channel in high frequency wisdom and energy  clearing to help release anything in your field that is holding you back from embracing your highest purpose and potential. 

Allow yourself the time to immerse in the qualities of spirit your heart and Soul are long for - the feelings of love, freedom, joy, abundance and connection. That is what's possible when we learn how to  connect into the Divine Support waiting to assist you. 

Whilst I have offered Universal Year transition work before, I have never opened up Soul Realm immersion for Intentions before. This is what takes this course to higher dimensions of living, and fulfillment at a Soul level. Unlike any mental planning activity that could never get to the energetic core and alignment of manifestation. 

Make the most of this transition period - 5D and beyond - the New Era - 
 is calling you

  1. Make the most of the final release of this year make the commitment to leave behind what no longer serves you
  2. Gain complete clarity about what you are choosing to create: know that you are capable and deserve all you dream of
  3. Establish new energy patterns: allow for cellular re-calibration with powerful Quantum Soul Activations to fast track your connection to All That Is
  4. Connect into the Soul Realms: open up to new portals of power, and help align your mind, heart and Soul at a whole new energetic level

Order "Creating Intentions from your Heart and Soul" today for only $30.99!

BONUS! for every purchase of Creating Intentions course, you will go into the draw to win full access to the next live 
28 Days of Radiant Living course, valued at $695!!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel the Creating Intentions Course does not offer adequate support for you to map out what you are ready to release,  and get clear on what is important to you, or the Soul Realm Activation did not ignite your energy fields- ask for your money back. 

I so look forward to hearing how much more confident and clear you feel about setting intentions having completed the meditations, workbooks and experienced the Activations - let me know! 

P.S.: This is a toolkit to use throughout your life, whenever you chose. It could change the way you set intentions forever. Taking heavy baggage into future years will be a hard weight to pull with the new energy.  

P.P.P.S.: If you can think of someone you love who would really love this course, feel free to share this page with them! or drop me a note to get a gift certificate for them, as an extra special present.