Cosmic Alchemy Winter Solstice June 2017

The solstice is upon us once again along with new moon, and we are moving into the nurturing sign of cancer. Hi, its Jo Muir here, with another addition of Cosmic Alchemy.

How to release

As we approach the shortest day-the winter solstice-here in the southern hemisphere-, as well as the balsamic moon phase, it really is a time to stop and reflect. Almost half way through the year, take a few moments to bring to mind your challenges so far this year and has one universal year of new beginnings.

You may like to spend time writing them down. Then tomorrow around lunchtime, take time outside in nature- really tuning in to the sun and the moon. It’s so therapeutic to burn a piece of paper with the intention of really letting go. All those emotions and worry that you are ready to release, that are not serving you.

As you watch the paper burn- just hold it over a flowerbed, feel the relief of release. You know that any negative mindset or old ways of being aren’t helping you as your making waves and planting seeds of what you are creating the next nine years. Set the intention to have that energetic release – it’s so liberating.

We are a few days into Neptune in retrograde, five months of self reflection to really help you expand and grow. Exploring what is possible, listening even deeper to your soul calling. That’s why so important to let go of the things that hold you back.

Venus has a big influence in this solstice too, all about your innate value and worth. It’s time to dream big, a great time to write down what it is you do wish to experience over the next six months. You can then review and tweak this before the new moon on Saturday the 24th at 12 PM Adelaide time. It’s our third and final super new moon of 2017 on a 22 master day. Really powerful for intention setting

Making the most of the winter solstice

To make the most of harnessing the energy of the solstice, take time to be still, and reflect of where you are at in your life. Give thanks for all that has unfolded, all that is yet to come. It’s the midnight hour of the solar calendar -be still, and listen to your heart.

As we move into the sign of cancer, it’s time for nurturing and being a homebody. It’s so good to feel safe, sound and cared for. Nourished and protected. So what can you do yourself over the next month to wrap yourself up in the mother’s love you crave. You spend so many hours giving yourself to others, this month it’s time to return love to you. It’s okay just to BE in fact is essential. It gives time to hear instincts and feelings more than your mind. It is this that brings you the feeling of fulfilment.

The feminine forces of the goddesses are at their strongest during cancer. Trust those feelings, it also trust your strength and protectiveness of yourself and others.

Step out of any involvement of what is unfolding in the world around you especially were it invokes fear and hatred. The external world can never rock your internal world when you know how to find love and strength from within. And that’s the definition of true nurturing and connection.

What’s coming up

This is the last month before eclipse season starts, and there’s going to be some fireworks come August on the global front. So use this time of the solstice, new moon and cancer to find strength and stability in what you experience and what you are creating. Start strong, plant your seeds deeply, and know that the winds of the global world around you cannot unearth you unless you let them.

So enjoy some ritual time tomorrow letting go and releasing, as well as calling in and planting the new seeds of what you’re choosing to experience. Make the most of the second half of this year of new beginnings as the light once again begins to rise on the horizon of your own greatness at this Winter Solstice June 2017.


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