Cosmic Alchemy November 2017 Energy Report

November 2017: 11 month, double 1, of this 2017 year, is the last working month of the year. Check back in with your intentions from the beginning of the year – what has come to fruition, and what is left still yet to do, that you still feel drawn energetically to complete?

Please remember, the intentions do not have to be complete within one year, we are laying the foundations for the next 9 year cycle, so some may not play out for another 3,4, 5 years or more yet.

Just look at what is realistic for you to finish in the next 4 weeks this month – December will fly by, so prioritise your focus on what draws you – what is really important within your heart? You have evolved so much over this year, what you wrote down at the end of 2017 may not be as important now. Or if you are like me, a whole new realm of possibility has opened up, one I would never have envisaged.

Are you playing all out yet?

Are you still playing small and safe for what you decided upon for this year? Or are you willing to embrace that new energy of 2017 and listen to the call of your heart, and your abilities to go outside your comfort zone and set it as your new intentions? Now is the time to get really clear on that  for you.

The Universe is shifting, and continues to shift. So just as you are not in the same space as January, nor is the Universe. SO think how this may affect your energy? In August, just before total solar eclipse, 2 neutrons collided 130m light years away, and we are feeling the energetic ripple effects here on Earth, showing up as extreme weather patterns, major solar flares and global uncertainty on the political front.  It’s not just the leaders that are rocking the boat here – cosmic energy is also influencing what is unfolding, as new patterns start to emerge. So if you are feeling a bit shaken, it’s not just you.

A taster of 2018

So let’s look at November, double 1, a master number, find independence and also harmony and balance of the 2, which is what we are coming into next year. 11 is about maturity & wise, and how we show up. We actually reach our mature age on earth in our 40’s or even 50’s when we are ready to bring what we are really here for out. That is why I always include the life goal when doing Chaldean numerology, so you know what the second half of your life is about, and a reflection of your journey so far.

So it’s about in engaging on what you love, your unique skills. It’ also a mysterious month, where you can seek your own Truth, what is calling you in your Soul to bring forward your authority? This is the taster for 2018, as 2 year.

Cosmic energies

As November, we kick off with a full moon on 4th, and half way between equinox and solstice – another great marker to check in and ensure we are in balance. 11/11 is a gateway portal, think of a doorway and the shape of 11 – opening into the unknown, entering into new realms.

13th Venus and Jupiter are together in the sky – love and self-worth, combining with a big power to support it. 14th is pre-shadow of mercury retrograde, which will end in January. A time for clarity, especially with communication. So it’s a great time to revise your copy with your clients, or how you are expressing your message.

With few planets in retrograde, we have few excuses to go back over the past, instead, we are supported on forward momentum and thinking ahead.

If you still feel unsure what how your heart and soul wish to express themselves, consider booking an Akashic record reading with me this week. This will give you the insight as to what elements need to be at the forefront of your heart and mind. Especially as you step more fully into your authenticity and planting the seeds for the next 8 years. The link is below.

Until next time, use the remaining few weeks to get really sure on your direction, priorities and take action where you can. Namaste

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