Cosmic Alchemy New Moon Sept 17

Welcome to the Virgo new moon report, happening 3.30AEST on 20th September. This marks the end of eclipse season, and allows us time to gain perspective and insight to what has unfolded for you and the world since 1 August. It happens at 27 degrees, the number of unconditional love and support. The world could certainty do with uniting in love, especially since the world weather events following the solar eclipse. If only the weather men would take the effects of Cosmic Alchemy more seriously, they would see these patterns coming – of course, if not man made, as some rumours are being circulated.

The new moon reminds us we are here for each other. Virgo is earth bound, and what we do daily. We have 5 personal planets in Virgo right now – sun moon, mars, mercury and Venus. They all add to the energy of Virgo, the sixth house – about healing, and health, and transformation. What could you commit to this month to assist your own self improvement?

Perhaps its your exercise or nutrition that needs review, or your own thoughts and beliefs. Chiron is also accentuating healing at the moment. There is a universal pivot point right now, really bringing on that fulfilment, which can only ever be sustainable if it comes from within.

A time for creation and manifestation

We are still in a 1 month of a 1 year, and your creativity is so powerful right now, as is manifesting. So it’s critical you keep your thoughts, intentions clean and directed towards your vision, as it can become manifest quickly and easily right now. The universe always delivers, so think and feel wisely! So we can really ground that creative energy.

Neptune is opposite Mercury, meaning your imagination and expansion allows you to dissolve the mind. Let go, feel free, especially from limiting beliefs. See the world weather events as a symbol of cleaning and clearing. A reminder that everything is always shifting and changing. Nothing is certain, only change. Embrace it, and go into the space of dreaming what is possible

What frequency are you choosing to broadcast right now? Is it in alignment with your authenticity, as you would like to be seen and heard? Uranus is the planet of breakthroughs, and also at 27 degrees, so embrace that liberation and experience the healing and freedom.

Perception is changing

Jupiter is opposite Uranus. So your perception could be changing of how to live on earth, and what you are bringing forward. Finding confidence, and moving forward. As a collective, we are moving from the illusion of what gives us security and stability, into a way of being where we follow our hearts. How is this showing up for you? Can you feel a shift from stuckness to freedom?

Be open and aware that your perceptions could change in an instant. When you see this is possible along with the energy of manifesting, what could show up in your life, unexpectedly, if you are simply aligned with your big picture and trusting the process. Don’t be too attached to the outcome and what it needs to look like. Allow some freedom, let go of control… just maintain your centeredness and clarity of thinking, in conjunction with trusting your heart.

Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is helping you to experience life from that whole new perspective. So for those who have been doing transformational work recently, continue with that light and airy feeling of all is possible. You do not have to go back to the old ways of being, old paradigms. Embrace the new, accept those new opportunities coming up, accepting your new role in leadership. It’s time to step up.

This is a time to regroup, clean up and figure out where you are, and feel into future possibilities. It’s not the best time to be forging ahead just yet. Nor let yourself become personally critical – virgos are good at perfectionism, and you can let that go.

Equinox Sept 17

On 22/23 Sept we have the Vernal equinox in southern hemisphere, a time of rebalancing, as the length of day and night are equal around the world. It’s the time when the sun moves into Libra, think of the scales and balance. It sets the energy for the rest of the year, so whilst we are forging ahead with our new beginnings, ensure you maintain balance in your life. Don’t neglect any area of your life, carve out time for your family and loved ones. For your health and wellbeing. Ensure you make time for Being as well as doing. Perhaps set some intentions at Equinox for the rest of the year to create this balance.

From 28th, most planets are in forward momentum, so embrace that energy to help you move forward. In a few weeks, expansive Jupiter with shift into Scorpio for a year, starting October 10. That is when we really will begin to expand our nature and passion for life, including a spark up of sexual energy. Spring will be in the air! When you let your passions help drive your direction, clarity will arise. So if you are still feeling a little vague, use this time to regroup, look after yourself and find balance. Look for the beauty in life. Then you will be in a stronger space energetically to embrace the passionate Scorpio.

Until next time, Namaste


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