New moon October 2017

This month’s new moon in Libra joins us at 6:15 AM ACST on October 20. All about harmony and balance within relationships, whether that be personal or business, even your relationship with yourself, it is up for review right now. It’s a time of massive personal, material and spiritual freedom. Make the most of this cosmic support, and find out how here….
It’s a 26°, the number eight, it is all about your relationship with power, and leadership. So it’s time to step up with courage and confidence to overcome challenges, big time for growth and expansion, and to finding your Freedom. A time to break out of old patterns within relationships, which do not serve you. Co-dependency traits start falling apart, so you can find more independence again.
However, be aware that Jupiter in Scorpio brings out more primal qualities in all of us, so take some time to think before you speak in haste, especially if prone to a short fuse. Secrets may start emerging, and this may well be seen on the global stage too.

Breakthroughs to be expected

Unexpected events and breakthroughs could be the catalyst for change you been waiting for. With this awareness, be easier to go through any shock response what’s unfolding, knowing the greater picture is emerging – to see the truth.
New discoveries could pave the way to new opportunities for you. We are in an 11 month – a double one for new beginnings, what you set is your intentions and work on now, will sets the standard for the new era in your life, the rest of this year and 2018, which is full of 11’s, all about harmony and balance as a 2 year.
The sun, moon Jupiter and Mercury working together helps expand the energy of the new moon. It will help increase your own energy, opening up to more finances to flow, and to feel abundance across the board. Feeling rich in life, in your awareness. Mercury will assist your communication to be received in a more positive way – more flexibility when the truth and is revealed.

What brings you Joy?

When Jupiter moves into Scorpio on the 10/10 it’s been prompting you to reveal what brings you joy, and what makes you feel good, so you can bring more of this is your life over next year. You can you invite in to your life help you feel you are up levelling and supporting what is best for me.
In inner and outer smile radiates, and allows you to do you receive, from it is a place of gratitude. Tap into your inner wisdom and guidance which is so potent right now. Especially in regard to your relationships.
We also have a T square – think of tension – to give us the motivation to upgrade. Don’t fight the healing space, with Chiron and Saturn playing out. Healing through love, for yourself, and for others, is supporting you to work through your life change, as you accept in the new.

Feel the Relief

We will also feel the relief after a big year for many, and open up to creative juices flowing once again. So right now, it’s about percolating and adjusting to the new energies over last couple of months since eclipse. Taking you to a higher place of being – more awakening, so you can feel like your life is a new adventure. Time to claim your True purpose.

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