Cosmic Alchemy New Moon Gemini May 2017

What to Expect

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, and back into the social swing of things as Gemini takes centre stage this week. We are now in the astrology sign with the sun moving into Gemini on Saturday, and at 5.45am AEST this Friday 26 May, new moon in Gemini is unfolding.

So what can we expect? A faster mind, more movement, more social interaction, more talk and communication and more information to process. You are hungry to learn more and question what’s going on. Even more doors are opening, that started to be apparent during Aries time of year.

It’s a big happy energy coming in – time for your inner child to come out to play, and find more joy in your life. Think we could all do with a breather, after intense energies from the beginning of the year. It is a lighter sign, and keep bringing I through your breath your own connection to light, and allow that to infuse all you do.

Fun at 4 degrees

This will make this so much more fun and in flow to move forward. Embrace the curiosity that will be sparked. Also, with the angles of the planets, at 4 degrees, we are also going to be able to ground and enhance this fun energy. This is also supported by the 22/4 number of 25th May Universal time (GMT) when the new moon rises.

If you are really ready to embrace the new chapters of your life, you HAVE to let go of what’s holding you back from empowerment, this could be as simple as ending your procrastination, and excuses that the timing’s not quite right. If not now, when??

The last full moon we had, with the energy of Kali at play, was an opportunity to dismantle all the BS going on in your life. Finding freedom from what is encapsulating and limiting you.

The old or the new for you?

Humanity is at a massive crossroads right now. Are you welcoming in the Age of Aquarius, where truth and love guides your way to transformation and healing the world – starting with YOU? Or are you clinging to the old paradigm, desperate to keep it alive.

One that we are witnessing in the governments of the US and here in Australia, plus many other countries, where freedom of choice is slowly being eliminated and the Sheeple of the world are just following and doing what they are told, trusting blindly in organisations and governments they think are doing the best for the people.

Step forward and speak out when it does not resonate in your heart. When something just doesn’t sit right for you, trust your instincts. Find your Truth and stand by it. End the blame game, and start being more responsible for your part in what’s unfolding – and that starts by working on your own consciousness and evolvement, rather than worrying what is happening elsewhere.

Peaceful, fun energy – Let It BE

Look forward to this peaceful energy coming in, as well as the empowerment energy that comes with Pluto. There could be control issues – in relationships and money – observe how you emotionally respond to events as they unfold. Hold back from being too impulsive – take your time.

Time to be objective and disciplined, esp in areas of communication with your own message. Using that masculine energy of Mars to activate what you really feel your spiritual mission is. Light the fire under you, within you, and start blazing with the new ways of being. With Your Truth, your message.

The Finger of God is also created between Mercury and Neptune (at the base) and pointing to Jupiter – quite a rare event. It opens the heart and mind to other realities, allowing for inclusiveness. Bring in everything and everyone with joy and creativity. Really open up to a new level, allowing your divine nature to come through.

Let this Gemini energy lighten you up and get your mind going with better ideas, new ways of communicating. This will kick in towards this weekend, after our dark moon phase of the Balsamic.

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