So much has happened since last months new moon. The election results shocked many, however, Scorpio takes us to at the core reality, it reveals secrets and agendas. It’s a sign of transformation, I will support you to let go and release. Perfect energy to company last month the universal nine year, all about release.

The new Moon in Sagittarius triggers the start of new beginnings, perfect timing before the one year starts in a month or so. It’s a sign of inspiration helps you find answers or meaning. Let go of any set agendas and learn to trust the process. Set your intentions to be in the highest good of all, bring joy and inspiration into what you are choosing to create.

Chiron is going retrograde on Thursday, so we have the planetary support to help us continue healing journey, especially between extremes of emotion that may have arisen over the last month, as continue to be stirred with situations such as Standing Rock.

On a brighter note, the new moon occurs tonight (Tuesday 29/11) at 10:20 PM, also on a master day 22, and it is a triple 11:11:11 portal of new beginnings, the sacred geometry of creation, what you wear way for you what you are and a really empowering day. Sagittarius governs expansion, opportunities and excitement about the future, perfect timing before the one year starts.

It’s important to differentiate between illusion and pipe dreams versus whatever you are really committed to creating, bringing forward your vision. This supportive energy is your invite to ignite your dream is becoming reality, for what really inspires you and lights you up. It’s the perfect time as we wrap up the current energy cycle, to find Joy and connection once again in all we do.

Make sure you make the most of really letting go of the past as we move towards the end of the nine year cycle. Talk in depth about this in my recent cosmic alchemy post on transversing the universal years into a new cycle. You can find that here.

This is a portal brand-new experiences, even beyond those you can imagine, so be mindful of staying in your high vibe that Jupiter support you getting more of what you want and how you feel. The most important concept for this triple portal is focusing on activities and visions that fulfil your soul, for this is your pathway to greatness.

The next month is paramount for you to prepare for the new energies about to come in.

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