Cosmic Alchemy Full Moon June 2017

Strawberry moon- micro moon, tonight 11.09pm AEST in Sagittarius. The only one this year. Things are ‘ripe for the picking’ grab the opportunities that are arising. It is furthest from the earth right now, so it may have less of an effect than normal.  Time to celebrate and review what has unfolded over the last month. Also consider what intentions you set last December – for it’s now they are coming to fruition.

Jupiter goes direct today as well after 4 months in retrograde.  – so it has the greatest influence on us right now. You may feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Enjoy that liberation feeling! Now you are emerging, what does your personal success look and feel like? Take time to embrace it.

The 9th today – the king of numbers (think of a big heard holding the wisdom – exactly what Jupiter represents.) helping us finding our joy and bliss, and reinforced by the sun (in Gemini) and moon (in Sagittarius) at 18 degrees – the 9 doubled up. A time of unconditional love.

Saturn forms a grand Triune with Uranus, activated by the moon. The joy can only be activated when we break free from out dated teachings or rules, cultures we have been taught.  Really is a time of a multi-dimensional experience, and move out of the false security we have been hanging on to.

Pisces will always trigger our mystical aspect, and you will know and feel you can trust your own integrity to spot where something is awry with others. So if things are feeling out of synch for you – listen to that. It’s all about feeling peaceful no matter what is going on around you. Balancing that Gemini energy of 2 sides – see things from a new perspective.

So it’s really important to be in your body too, so much just the higher channels. Ensure you move, and embody this new vibration. Ground that energy through, see it connect into the emerald grid in the earth, so important to feel safe to walk this life in this reality and not need to escape.

What does a 7 month mean for us?

June is 16 a month – ruling your connection between heaven and earth. This comes down to the 7 – the seeker of higher wisdom number. Be aware of some quick intuitive flashes coming in. see through any illusions you are witnessing. You may be getting lots of downloads right how – I know I am! Take lots of time to process what is coming through, and coming up for you. Tune out other people’s opinions – this is Your Truth, not others. Only you know what is good for you.

Trust your true inner voice. Trust your emotions – how to respond, and not just react – be mindful. When you do use this time really observe, it’s such an impetus for massive personal evolvement, finding that real peace inside. Which is what we all seek.

This Universal year of 1 is about your uniqueness and bringing that forward. Being a leader, a time of new beginnings as only you can bring forward. What seeds are you planting for the next nine years? So now Jupiter is turning direct, we can tap into his expansive energy and use it support you. It’s time to move things forward – that’s why it’s important to find the calmness and peace within.

Accept every situation for what it is, seeing the truth, being honest, is inviting in abundance (which is what Jupiter represents). Feel that joy, your heart singing. As we move towards Cancer after the 21st this month, a focus on the home – to feel love and nourished.

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Cosmic Alchemy Full Moon June 2017