Cosmic Alchemy Full Moon Dec 16

We have our last full moon of 2016 tomorrow, around 11 AM Eastern time. It’s a super moon, in Gemini, and is a super powerful for the final release letting go. Not only for this year, it also for the last nine year energy cycle. I hope you have taken time to reflect just how far you have come since 2008.

We are not far off the new energy cycle and new beginnings in 2017 Jupiter will continue to activate a cardinal T square with Uranus and Pluto, promising a most powerful transformational year ahead.

Usually this full moon activates many forms of communication helps integrate lots of information into some order and meaning. However with Saturn conjunct this full moon, as well as the end of the nine year, it’s really big energy for resolution and conclusion.

We also have mercury going retrograde on 19 December until eighth of January, which can affect so many areas of our life, especially with the mind patterns . 22 December sees the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere, a day to reflect on balance in your life.

Tomorrow 14th December 17 universal date perfect for activating the energy of leadership (the 1) combined the bigger picture and wisdom seeker of the 7. We are going to be feeling a lot of this next year. It’s about communication, and will leave a legacy behind, so bring in the love and light. Move out of your mind, and find that connection with your heart.

How are you reflecting your light in the world? What you think and reflect on now will affect the  future, so be clear you are in alignment with what you are choosing to create. Bringing your high vibe energies through all you do.

There is a grand trine in the air signs helps you move forward with a really positive energy and feels so good. Saturn will help you integrate it to make its lasting. Bringing Gemini lightens the seriousness of Saturn, with playful energy.

Make sure what you are focusing on brings you joy and freedom. It is a big focus on relationships until Oct 2017, so look into each relationship you have – do you feel free, does it lighten you? Be aware, and let go of those that drag you down. The light is really shining on Sagittarius right now, so enjoy the feeling of limitless. Jupiter energies are playing a big game right now.

So really integrate the mind with your heart. To help you do this, you may find the workbook that created to help you make the most of the transition from the nine year to the one year can really support you with this integration, bring forward the heartfelt commitment for new beginnings.

Value yourself enough to set aside time really consider the last nine years and the foundations you are laying for the next nine. If you like to get a copy of my workbook, is only $9, and also includes two Quantum Soul Activations to help you anchor in the energies, and simply click here and order it today.

To give the bedroom brings the Through the 21 pages, it will help you think about what’s transpiring, more importantly get you into the feeling space in the vibration that you are ready to create your setpoint the next nine years. Click this link to order yours today.