Cosmic Alchemy Eclipse Season August 2017

We have two Leo new moons in succession – the first Leo new moon was on July 23, and we will have second new moon in Leo with a total solar eclipse across the US August 8. We are also in the pre-shadow of the two week eclipse season August 2017 starting in a few days.

Leo the sign of the lion, is the energy of pride ego and domination. All playing centre stage in world politics and economies right now, with some of the major players the world rising up. Ensuring everybody sees them and their message. I feel August will be a time of some potentially massive events, natural and man made. All feeding off the increased energy accompanying the solar eclipses.

We are also witnessing massive shifts in the Earth’s geomagnetic field, which quadrupled on Sunday/ Monday. This is the cause and change frequencies, which have been incorrectly reported as  Schumann resonance shifts. Schumann resonance does not actually fluctuate much within the eight different frequencies occurring naturally around the world. Here’s a link with a video explaining the difference

I spent much of the last three months studying quantum science and the truth behind global warming, what’s really happening to our planet and within our universe, but how it all ties together with the ancient prophecies across all religions.

So it is great to see the media finally publishing the true information. The exponential increases in solar wind activity & flares, we can expect far more earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural occurrences at this time. The solar flares help buffer us against cosmic radiation, a bit like turbulence on an aeroplane.

More on that in future episodes…

Planets in retrograde

By Thursday 3 August, we have five planetary bodies in retrograde for most of the month. Uranus joins Pluto, Chiron, Neptune and Saturn. We are in the midst of the most potent time of 2017, in a three week period of massive growth and personal gain. Feel that Leo energy rise up, it’s time to be seen and roar.

Uranus is all about freedom, getting outside the box, into new possibilities, in times of rebellion and revolution. This energy can propel you out of stuck ways, and boost your confidence to escape the norm. So ride the waves, play the game, and trust the process.

What can you do to get out of your comfort zone this month? How big can you visualise your life? Get into the feeling energy of that, I refer to it often over the next few weeks. It’s time to get engaged and be ready. Sleep might be light, embrace it like an excited child waiting for the next exciting event.

August is THE power month your commitment to growth and evolution in this year of new beginnings. No matter what the tear has looked like so far, now is the time to get really clear and own what you are here for. Let’s progress those dreams.

It’s a time of magic, synchronicity and symbols from the universe this month. Be observant how you, in the world around you, is moving into the new age. Bring forward the excited anticipation, at out of fear or worry. It’s time to end keeping the old paradigms live, clutching to the past, as I talked about often this year.

Eclipse season August 2017

So the full moon partial eclipse will happen in the early hours at 4.10am AEST on August 8 – known as the Lions Gate, and the eclipse doorway period will end again in the early hours of Aug 22. The last time we had this was 1999 – take some time to recall what happened that year.  What energies were around in your life then?
I remember it was a massive life changing time for me for about 6 weeks – with the eclipse season bang in the middle of it. I even remember rushing out to buy a new video recorder to save the event!

8/8 is a really powerful day for manifesting as well. An auspicious day in the Chinese calendar, as well as half way between solstice and equinox – harness that power to bring forward what you want to create. This kicks off the 2 week power period. Yes, you may be going over old ground, allow it and the release that is ready.

If we do the work before the eclipses come, and ensure you are aligned before they occur – or the eclipses will do it for you! The total solar eclipse will be seen in the US – and this is where the effects of it will be felt the most, on the global scale.

Mercury Retrograde

August 12 sees Mercury go retrograde, which may bring a level of uncertainty. It may enhance the power of the eclipse season – especially if we are ready for clear communication, listening and sharing. Times for open conversations with those around you – your families and clients. Express your message, especially with the Lion’s roar.

Use the retrograde energies to support you bringing what needs to be brought to the light – and offer forgiveness, to yourself, for whatever that may be. Find the liberation from energies stuck from what you did and said.

After full moon on August 22 you still have a couple of weeks of shadow phase to tie up loose ends, to really work on life projects for clearing out.

I’ll wrap up by saying you have the choice to work with these powerful energies or not, why not embrace it? take time to journal what you have been hanging on to and explore if it really serves you. This could be relationships, aspects of your business, stuff. Now is the time to get ready for a huge clear out, liberate yourself so you are ready to roar like the lion


Cosmic Alchemy Eclipse Season August 2017 ends just as the first Anniversary of 28 Days to Radiant Living Live Edition is being run! Starting on 21 August, why not continue with the amazing energy you create in eclipse season to bring to life your Brilliance. Find out more here