There is no black moon this month in the Southern Hemisphere! The reports talking about it all come from the US, when the second new moon of the month does fall in September. However, here in OZ, it occurs at 10.10am AEST so doesn’t count. We will get our turn next month, when the second new moon is at 4.38am on 31/10

Astrology forecasts are determined by time at location. The only thing that holds fast across any time zone is the numerology of the dates, which I often talk about in Cosmic Alchemy.

So what does the new moon mean for us this month ? The new Moon in Libra which is relationship oriented, will help to bring people together to relate with one another. Jupiter helps to inspire such connection at this time. Libra is represented by the scales, and justice and balance is a focus for October. It brings peaceful energy and diplomacy.

This is much needed support as the political arena heats up in the US and it has never been so important to understand the diversity within unity. Whatever your political opinion is, staying true to the love and truth at the core of your soul, will help shine a light for whatever outcome will unfold.

So as we come to the end of September we can reflect on the massive month it has been for clearing and shifting, reviewing your health, and really letting go. The post shutter phases of the eclipse season on now done, how far have you come since they started on August 4 issue? Take time to reflect how many self-limiting habits and thoughts you have dropped in the last eight weeks.

October is a 1 month, the time for new beginnings. This includes putting yourself first, finding your feet in this new energy. There’s no need to rush, Jupiter and Mars are asking us to go slow, one step at a time. This way you can appreciate the personal efforts you put in at each step. Appreciate each and every day what’s evolving for you, how you’re shifting and how you feel each day.

1 October is the first 11 master day since January this year, after a long run of 22 master days since February. With 13 weeks left in 2016 this is a great month to set some intentions and plant the seeds what you will be establishing and building upon next year we start a new energy decade.

Be aware through October balancing your own integrity and authenticity, operating in a way that serves you best. By practising new ways of being, you make it clear to the universe are your choosing to step forward in the world and for the next decade. Do you need to review your own personal standards? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade on how you look after yourself and your health.

Also take time to ensure the expectations you put upon yourself are not unreasonable, let go of your need for perfectionism. Next week is all about building up your own value and self-worth, really establishing how your choosing to live your life and what you’re here for. The sooner you own and implement your own unique skills, the sooner you experience a life you love October really supports you to take charge of your own life direction is a practice run before 2017

so enjoy this new fresh energy, bring your inner child out to play with excitement and curiosity, and feel into what is possible. How are you choosing to create your life? Take time over the next 24 asked to journal your intentions for the month, even thinking ahead to next year, and how you are committing to operating throughout October to set the standard that lights you up, and creates some high-vibe energy for your life.

Until next time, Namaste.

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