Today 21 September is the last day of Mercury in retrograde, so communications will become clearer and easier from tomorrow. What you have been working on over past 3 weeks can now be manifested. The key is to use this time to get ready, not to launch just yet.

Pluto is also influencing the moment and encourages you to bring forward your latent talents and abilities. How can you put your skills to good use today? Pluto turns direct on 26th, easier to eliminate what’s not working in your life. Maybe you felt difficult to really let go. Pluto station like opening the dam to release. Time to dump the load and regain your own true strength

Tomorrow is 22/9, our  final 22 master day of 2016. It is also equal, when night and day are of equal length. It is a time for relief  from constant motion – to find balance and time out  Time to go within, in to your heart, to BE more rather than DO. Allow yourself to receive – the guidance, for the month of new beginnings – October, and the year of new beginnings in 2017. We will soon be moving into springtime, but only within our environment, and also in our life stop coming into times of new beginnings

For a couple of days afterwards, you may feel in emotional overload, so just tune into the energy of love let go of overreacting wanted the 26th, as a file energy kicking in, time for amazing opportunities to unfold when your eyes are open to seeing them. On the 27th, we have another magical 999 day. Users day wisely to continue to release all you are ready to drop. Energy levels starting to climb again and feeling into your vision plan the next few months will help you see the mountain as a challenge and is not an obstacle.

September 30 see the second new moon for the month, this time in Libra. It is a good marking point for switching to thinking with clarity and moving forward.

Libra stands for connection, fairness and balance after the  disrupting energies of eclipses leave our lives, be ready to see what can take shape as a result. You may feel that you have been through a challenging time of late, shifting and changing who you are, you are now ready for what will come your way.

the last few weeks have been a transformational challenge inviting core issues up for review. Hopefully you have been working on the letting go aspect of September, feel lighter from releasing so much emotional baggage stop your stepping more in to showing authentic self accepting others who they are too.

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