April is now here, after a roller-coaster emotional Eclipse month of March. It may take until April 7th, when the new moon comes, for the shift in energies to really be felt. So hang on in there for a few more days….

The energies of Aries are coming in – new confidence, fresh energy. It is the first sign of the Zodiac to fall in line with Spring (that is emerging in the northern hemisphere), and a great time to be planting the seeds for your Life Legacy.

Find out how the energies can support you throughout April to give you the catalyst for stepping into your true potential and purpose.


Whenever we have a double digit date – today being 4/4, the energies are intensified. That means today is key to laying down those foundations – planting those seeds – that you would love for others to benefit from down the track. We are talking about your legacy again.

Now is a great time to start something afresh or keep the momentum going for a new project. Where can you add value and focus on your path to Soul fulfillment?

As we move towards the New Moon, the door is closing on a past era, an old way of being and operating. You may feel these goodbyes strongly this week, before the new light emerges. The only way is forward, into the Light. Commit to dropping the old baggage and stories, they are nothing but heavy weights as we move into new possibilities.

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Apologies for the skinny video – will sort for next month!!