Who are you anyway – part 3

who are you anyway - part 1

In my last post, they shared some of the tools I use are helping me to understand myself and inspiring clients to do the same. It is so very useful to know what makes you tick, how you operate, and work within relationships. in Who are you anyway – part 3 we go beyond the mind into the Real You – and what makes you so unique.

However, you know there’s more to you are just your name and body. The eternal part of you – your Soul. Here you can discover what your heart and Soul really longs for in this lifetime.

What we all ultimately crave, though few pursue, is the real Purpose of BEING LOVE.

Soul Families

When I understood my own Soul families, the gifts I need to experience bring forward for fulfilment, and also the challenges my Soul wounds caused, I could  finally acknowledge the solutions were never going to be found in my head. Most people who are guided to find this information belong to 2, 3 or more groups /families. You can find out more about Soul Readings here.

With such a profound experience reconnecting to my own soul groups, I knew I needed to learn how to facilitate Journeys for others to experience too. It’s like coming home, feeling the relief within your heart that finally you found the place you truly belong.

I’m 80% parallel, with some Blueprint and Hadarian in there. In a nutshell, I’m a multi-dimensional Being, and very much connected into the fields of Infinite Creation and Possibility.  My purpose is to inspire others to immerse fully, with love, in the wonderful adventure we call Life. To show you how to connect within to your own Soul families, and the frequencies that have the power to reprogram your very core.

Akashic records reading

The knowledge of all souls across all time, space, dimensions and realities are held in an energetic field called the Akashic records. Here you can discover which soul families you spend time with before life on Earth – it’s where your Universal Self resides.

It is truly liberating to understand how your Soul Realms – your gifts and challenges –  play out not only in this lifetime, and also all previous lifetimes. Even more so, is the freedom in receiving energy clearing to allow true alignment with who you are – your Soul.

In my next note, I will share a video explaining more about soul families and Akashic records. So check your inbox in a couple of days, or sign up here if you are not yet registered.

Until next time, namaste

Who are you anyway – part 3 is the final installment of a very brief description of what we are here for, and the tools we can use to better understand ourselves.  To make sure you don’t miss out on more Soul Wisdom,  and healing, sign up here to deliver the tools for awakening directly to your inbox. Also, feel free to like our page, Your Universal Self, for up to the minute inspiration, and guidance to create a more fulfilled life.