Who are you anyway – Part 2

who are you anyway - part 1

Last time, we looked at you Being part of the whole, and there is no separation from love. You are love, you have everything you have ever wanted to experience already inside. Yet we are still unique souls with our own blueprints on who we are in this lifetime. In Who Are you anyway – part 2 I share the tools I use to make life easier. Helping you understand yourself and what’s at play in your life.

I’ve always hungered after new ways of analysing myself. Trying to figure out who I really am, and did this for years through my mind. I’m sure you have dabbled in these fields before. Always in the hope of insight & guidance to your Purpose and Potential.

Tools to understand Cosmic Forces at play

Astrology has always been popular, and can be quite accurate to describe your sun sign. I have been using www.forecasters.co.nz for over 12 years for my daily and monthly forecasts, and the more I align with my purpose, the more accurate they became. In hindsight, I feel those who dismiss astrology can be quite shut down and disconnected from who they really are, and ego is running the show. Hence the misalignment.

Another invaluable resource I use the daily tip off from Elizabeth Peru  -again, it’s only when you are dedicated following your true path that the information really comes into play. You know you are awakening when your beliefs created from your mind fully reflect your inner knowing that come from your heart and Soul.

I often create short videos once or twice a month called Cosmic Alchemy – to give you updates on new moon or full moon, or any other major transit we may be experiencing. Collating the wisdom from many sources, as well as numerology, it gives you a better understanding of what is at play at that time. Just keep any eye on your emails or check my Facebook page Your Universal Self for immediate access.

Tools to understand your personality

A tool to help you understand your personality is Myers Briggs, a variation of Carl Jung’s theories from the 1920’s on psychological types. An excellent website to discover your type is https://www.16personalities.com . The free test is great though I found so much value in paying for premium report to discover more about my ENFP personality type. I am a Campaigner – my role is a diplomat, my strategy is people mastery. It sums me up well, being so driven to help others discover and embrace the Truth about themselves.

I also enjoy Archetypes – I am the Alchemist, sometimes Visionary (depending on whose test it is and the time of day!!) Both fit for me – I know I’m here to create magic, and I describe myself as The Soul Visionary, the ability to see and feel infinite possibilities, whilst inspiring others to do the same. Cerries Mooney offers a great test, as well as further offers to explore more . This work is also based on Jung’s work, just from a different perspective and lens through which to see yourself.


I’ve always had a fascination for numbers – obsessed with number plates as a child, and spent 14 years corporate as a management accountant! So naturally I pursued numerology, mainly western. It was only when I discovered Chaldean numerology that it really resonated with my very core. I’ve even had a couple of past life flashbacks to the creation of the formula’s over 6000 years ago. I believe I was there….

It really helps to understand yourself at an intellectual and Higher Self level – how you show up in the world, what your inner and outer drivers are, how best to interact with others in all your relationships.

In my next note, I will share a video showing you how Chaldean Numerology reveals your Purpose and Potential Blueprint. You may be fascinated to learn how the calculations vary from western numerology. No wonder numerology has been bagged as inaccurate – they’ve been using the wrong formulas!
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