What energies are here to support us this week as Mars and Pluto have both turned retrograde?

The strong male energies of Mars allows us to look at our relationship with our own personal power, and a good time to heal any relationships with men in your life, present, past, and even past lives. Watch out for buttons being pushed, and any strong energies around this.

when working in conjunction with Pluto, which is a time to reveal deep seated energetic patterns within you, ready for healing, now is the perfect time to be supported to start clearing those Soul Wounds and past live vows and contracts you make. Finally let go of the old habits. Where in your life do you have power issues, especially around men?

let’s explore the healing of those Wounds that you are still playing out in your current life. Until you go back to the core root of the issue, at Soul level, they will continue to haunt you. It’s time to drop the baggage of the old ways of Being, to feel the freedom within.