11 April 2016 Cosmic Alchemy Report

New energies of Aries new moon, spring. Some may not be ready. mars retrograde Apr 17 until end of June, Mercury Apr 28, may not feel fully activated & clear until June or July.

Been through a massive upgrade. Universal year 9 – completion. Follow heart, into the unknown.

Keep taking inspired action towards it. Old doors are shut. Last week’s March hindsight explained timeline jumps we have been through.

Over last 24 hours are you feeling the need to get out of your mind, break out of the box. Be free of what is holding you back. Time to be true to yourself and authentic.  Really powerful energies this week to bring together your M&F , think unity & equality.

Mars retrograde means getting in touch with your will assertiveness, action – what is it you truly desire? Not a good time to change directions or be impulsive, you may go back to what you previously were doing mid year.

Check you are not hiding behind excuses. Challenging to be confronted with the solution you have actually been looking for – means you have to get out of your comfort zone and into the new.

Are you ready? What support do you need? What is really holding back? don’t hide behind mind excuses. Time to expose your energetic truths.

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